GetOutside Champions

Meet the new collection of OS Champions who will be leading the GetOutside charge and showcasing the best of Britain with their stories and tips. These people will be helping and inspiring you to GetOutside – follow them on Twitter and Instagram to get advice, adventures and gorgeous photos.

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Map of Great Britain 2Travlrs - Andy and Georgina Alan Parkinson Andrew White Anna Hughes Anna Humphries Barbara Walshe Yvonne Witter Beki Cadd Bel Dixon Cat Webster Charlotte MacKrill Daniel Raven-Ellison David Love David Mellor David Wilson Debs Butler Dwayne Fields Eli Bishop Emily Thompson Emma Brennand Emma Cusworth Emma Frampton Glyn Dodwell Gus Mckechnie Helen Pollard Jack Thurston James Forrest Jason Rawles Jen and Sim Jessie Leong Karl Rushen Kate Hopper Kate Jamieson Kate Lord Katie Tunn Laura Kennington Lisa Wells Lizzie Carr Mansoor Ahmad Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton Matthew Kettlewell Nigel Vardy Philly Byrde Phoebe Smith Rory Southworth Sarah Whiting Scott McAlister Get Out With The Kids Sian Lewis Steph Sanderson Tracy Purnell TwoBlondes Zoe Homes Ben Fogle Kenton Cool Sean Conway Mel Nicholls Belinda Kirk Prof. Greg Whyte Alan Hinkes

Prof. Greg Whyte - OS GetOutside Champion

Prof. Greg Whyte

Former Olympian, world-renowned sport scientist and Physical Activity Expert

Alan Hinkes - OS GetOutside Champion

Alan Hinkes

High-altitude mountaineer, Guide, cameraman, speaker and environmentalist

Kenton Cool - OS GetOutside Champion

Kenton Cool

Mountaineer, adventurer and speaker

Ben Fogle - OS GetOutside Champion

Ben Fogle

Broadcaster, traveller and adventurer

Mel Nicholls - OS GetOutside Champion

Mel Nicholls

Dreaming bigger, adventure lifer, outdoors & tea lover.

Sean Conway - OS GetOutside Champion

Sean Conway

Extreme endurance adventurer

South West

Anna Hughes - OS GetOutside Champion

Anna Hughes

Passionate cyclist, environmentalist and author

Bel Dixon - OS GetOutside Champion

Bel Dixon

Life-explorer, newby-climber, student-kayaker, joyful surf-rider, hiker, sea-swimmer, smiler

Belinda Kirk - OS GetOutside Champion

Belinda Kirk

Social entrepreneur, explorer and speaker, with a Guinness World Record for rowing

Charlotte MacKrill - OS GetOutside Champion

Charlotte MacKrill

DofE Leader, Assessor and enthusiast, explorer and SEN Teacher

David Mellor - OS GetOutside Champion

David Mellor

Outdoor family advocate raising the next generation of explorers

Eli Greenacre - OS GetOutside Champion

Eli Bishop

Happiest climbing mountains and paddling rivers for mental wellbeing

Jen and Sim  - OS GetOutside Champion

Jen and Sim

Authors and endurance athletes with a passion for Britain’s wild places

Kate Jamieson  - OS GetOutside Champion

Kate Jamieson

Award winning outdoor and adventure blogger, keen walker, mountaineer and general outdoor enthusiast

Philly Byrde - OS GetOutside Champion

Philly Byrde

Hiker of long trails and writer of tall tales

Sarah Whiting - OS GetOutside Champion

Sarah Whiting

Nature lover, crafter and hedgerow liqueur enthusiast!

Sian Lewis - OS GetOutside Champion

Sian Lewis

A frequently muddy travel and outdoors journalist and author

TwoBlondes - OS GetOutside Champion


Maps make us happy, Dartmoor makes us happier

South East

Beki Cadd - OS GetOutside Champion

Beki Cadd

Asthmatic runner, cyclist and outdoor enthusiast

Glyn Dodwell - OS GetOutside Champion

Glyn Dodwell

Hill Walker, charity fundraiser, blogger, navigator, trainer, elder statesman and Veteran

Gus Mckechnie - OS GetOutside Champion

Gus Mckechnie

World record holder, marathon runner, charity event organiser and wheelchair rugby player

Kate Lord - OS GetOutside Champion

Kate Lord

Busy but normal person finding crafty ways to #GetOutside

Mansoor Ahmad - OS GetOutside Champion

Mansoor Ahmad

Bushcraft, Survival & Primitive Skills Instructor

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton  - OS GetOutside Champion

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton

Speed wing pilot. Everest climber. Lover of gingerbread and maps


Daniel Raven-Ellison - OS GetOutside Champion

Daniel Raven-Ellison

Geographer, explorer and conservationist

Dwayne Fields - OS GetOutside Champion

Dwayne Fields

Lover of the outdoors and all it entails come rain or shine

Emma Frampton - OS GetOutside Champion

Emma Frampton

Adventure Queens co-founder, explorer of London & beyond, hiker and cyclist

Karl Rushen - OS GetOutside Champion

Karl Rushen

Husband, father, brother & black sheep. Lover of challenges, adventure & the outdoors

Laura Kennington - OS GetOutside Champion

Laura Kennington

Endurance athlete, motivational speaker and ice cream enthusiast

Lizzie Carr - OS GetOutside Champion

Lizzie Carr

Blogger, adventurer and environmentalist

Phoebe Smith - OS GetOutside Champion

Phoebe Smith

Extreme Sleeping, wild camping adventurer, award-winning travel writer, author, broadcaster and presenter


David Wilson  - OS GetOutside Champion

David Wilson

Northumberland aficionado, long distance walker and tour/walking guide

Jack Thurston - OS GetOutside Champion

Jack Thurston

Count smiles not miles, and never turn down the chance to sleep out on a hill

Jason Rawles - OS GetOutside Champion

Jason Rawles

Speaker, business leader, adventurer and author - and founder of The Adventurer Club

Lisa Wells - OS GetOutside Champion

Lisa Wells

GetOutside and make some memories, just don’t forget the Hobnobs

Tracy Purnell - OS GetOutside Champion

Tracy Purnell

Avid mountain walker, photographer and trig pillar obsessive

West Midlands

Anna Humphries  - OS GetOutside Champion

Anna Humphries

Adventurous mountaineer, Scout leader, DofE Instructor and survival expert

Get Out With The Kids - OS GetOutside Champion

Get Out With The Kids

Passionate advocates of getting outside with kids

East Midlands

Debs Butler - OS GetOutside Champion

Debs Butler

Cyclist, teacher, walker; lover of maps, coffee and cake

Nigel Vardy - OS GetOutside Champion

Nigel Vardy

Frostbitten mountaineer who doesn't wasn't to die in an unused body

Steph Sanderson - OS GetOutside Champion

Steph Sanderson

Microadventure enthusiast and general purveyor of slightly bonkers Ideas

TwoTravlrs - Andy and Georgina - OS GetOutside Champion

TwoTravlrs - Andy and Georgina

Weekday engineers, weekend warriors

Zoe Homes - OS GetOutside Champion

Zoe Homes

True lover of the outdoors and the adventures it holds

East England

Alan Parkinson - OS GetOutside Champion

Alan Parkinson

Geographer, author, teacher, Mission:Explorer and curriculum maker

Barbara Walshe  - OS GetOutside Champion

Barbara Walshe

Lover of the outdoors, Living Streets Trustee, lawyer

Emma Cusworth - OS GetOutside Champion

Emma Cusworth

Outdoors adventurer, sunshine lover and big smiler – happier outside!

North West

Emma Brennand - OS GetOutside Champion

Emma Brennand

Wildlife filmmaker, mountain appreciator and underwater explorer

James Forrest - OS GetOutside Champion

James Forrest

Mountain-loving, wilderness-seeking, hiking addict from the Lake District

Rory Southworth - OS GetOutside Champion

Rory Southworth

Red race short wearing mountain runner, climber and long distance hiker

Yorkshire & Humberside

Emily Thompson - OS GetOutside Champion

Emily Thompson

When she's not romping over the mountains Emily works for a charity inspiring positive changes and providing second chances to young people

Jessie Leong  - OS GetOutside Champion

Jessie Leong

Jessie is a professional Adventure Photographer who lives for the outdoors.

Yvonne Witter  - OS GetOutside Champion

Yvonne Witter

Motivator - Leader – Challenger

North East

Andrew White - OS GetOutside Champion

Andrew White

Yorkshire writer/presenter discovering epic short walks from around Britain

David Love  - OS GetOutside Champion

David Love

Adventurer, mountaineer and Expedition Leader

Helen Pollard - OS GetOutside Champion

Helen Pollard

Bike rider, dog runner, and life juggler just trying to stay vertical

Matthew Kettlewell - OS GetOutside Champion

Matthew Kettlewell

Long distance trekker and countryside enthusiast

Scott McAlister - OS GetOutside Champion

Scott McAlister

Adventurer of the Lake District, armed with my camera… oh and my dog Rocky!


Cat Webster - OS GetOutside Champion

Cat Webster

Munro bagger, summit camper, wild swimmer and ski tourer

Kate Hopper - OS GetOutside Champion

Kate Hopper

Climbs hills, loves Scotland, remote places - and summit selfies!

Katie Tunn - OS GetOutside Champion

Katie Tunn

Artist and marine conservationist, usually found somewhere by the sea

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