National Map Reading Week

Adventure awaits! 27 May – 2nd June

National Map Reading Week aims to inspire people of all ages and interests to GetOutside, explore, find adventure and make memories. The simple art of reading a map can open up the landscape, take us off well worn paths and keep us safe – and we’re here to help you learn how!

Map reading made easy

Free PDF download

Download our free map reading leaflets: Map reading - beginners to advanced for adults or teenagers and Map reading made easy for children. You can even print or save them to your phone!

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OS Maps online

See maps and routes for all of Great Britain and use 3D and Augmented Reality to visualise your routes and bring the landscape to life with OS Maps, our web and app based mapping system.

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Map reading for kids

Instil a love of the outdoors that will last a lifetime.

Map reading skills for children Read more

Map reading for beginners

Beginners map reading skills

Like to learn what contour lines are? Need the basics of compass use? Like to know how you can measure a distance from a map? Our collection of beginners guides will get you started in no time.

Beginners guides

Advanced map reading skills

Advanced map reading skills

Already got the basics, but want to improve your navigation in difficult terrain, learn how to pinpoint your location when lost or read contours to identify slopes? Check out the advanced guides

Advanced guides

Switch Insta-envy for the real outdoors

Get off Instagram and get outside

There's no need to keep staring at your feed in envy when you could be staring at your biggest achievement this week. James Howgego gives us some sound advice on switching our Insta-envy for the real outdoors.

Teaching resources

Map reading educational resources

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, take a look at our Education Resources for project ideas and teaching aids, plus find games to play in our fun MapZone area.

Map reading quiz

Map reading quiz 2019

Test your map reading skills with this new quiz! Can you prove yourself a 'modern map master'?

Ultimate Navigation School

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