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Plan all your routes and adventures instantly on your digital devices with OS Maps. Create your own routes for walking, running, cycling and more; or choose from millions of ready-made routes.

OS Maps is your digital guide in the great outdoors, with mapping and route planning tools in the palm of your hand; whether you are a walker, runner, cyclist or just want to explore the outdoors!

Key features

Use OS Maps across all your devices

View, create and sync your activities between desktop and mobile.

Global snap-to-path

Just two taps will automatically give you the most enjoyable, accessible and safe route between two points.

Record and follow routes

Plot a route to follow or share – or record your route while you’re out and about.

Offline maps

Download your favourite areas to view offline – so you can view any part of GB even without a mobile signal.

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Go further with OS Maps

OS Mapping anytime

Maps Anytime, Anywhere

Street mapping, high-resolution Aerial imagery and Topographic mapping let’s you explore the world around you and discover new places.

OS Map ready-made routes

Discover New Adventures

Choose from millions of ready-made routes from other OS Maps users and recommended route suppliers. Find inspiration for walking, running, cycling and more.

Os Maps create your own routes

Create Your Own Routes

Plot and follow your own routes. Create unlimited routes, follow them on your mobile and record where you are exploring.

OS Maps offline

No Signal? No Problem

Download maps and routes to your phone so you can access them directly from your phone whenever you need.

OS Maps 3D mapping

Explore 3D Landscapes

Use OS Maps on web to explore landscapes in stunning 3D, with route-fly-throughs so you can see every step before you head out the door!

OS Maps multiple devices

Seamless Synching

Works across all your devices. Go from laptop to hill top and everywhere in between with routes and maps synched to your phone.

OS Maps Features

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Plot, record and follow routesYY
Use web and mobileYY
View purchased maps offfineYY
Import and export routesYY
Topographic mappingY
3D mappingY
Save maps offlineY
Global snap to pathY
Print A4/A3 mapsY

Get started with these short videos

Getting started with OS Maps

Creating a route

Map types & overlays

Printing a map

Finding a route

Aerial & 3D Fly-Through

Watch a guided tour of OS Maps

What other people are saying

OS Maps for maily activities

“Excellent walk with kids around Chew Stoke today…very happy with Ordnance Survey iOS app & subscription too.”

OS Maps for walkers

“Almost perfect. This app allows me to see the whole of the UK in 1:25000 scale which is perfect I can view other people’s routes and make my own.”

Matt H.
OS Maps for dog walking

“Fantastic app. Great when I want to take my dogs for a long walk in an area I don’t normally go. Record a route and plot a route are brilliant tools. Thanks OS!”

Pamela E.
OS Maps for cycling

“Excellent app. This is a great addition to the OS offering. You buy a map, scratch the code, enter it in the free app and then you have the map on your smartphone.”

David B.

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The OS Maps app is full of fantastic features in a complete, digital map of Great Britain. An invaluable tool when you’re out and about.