Sam Taylor-Frost
  • OS Champion

Sam Taylor-Frost

OS Champion

Meet Sam Taylor-Frost – GBR Triathlete, animal lover and earl grey drinker.

Sam Taylor-Frost at the World Triathlon Championships in Ibiza

Sam Taylor-Frost at the World Triathlon Championships in Ibiza

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’ve been lucky to grow up in the countryside and have daily doses of fresh air! I’ve always been sporty, from gymnastics, to martial arts and now triathlon. When I do sit still it’s often to enjoy a cup of earl grey tea. I love animals and have a rescue furbaby cat. One day I would love to get a dog and go Canicross racing.

Why do you love the outdoors?

I love the outdoors because it gives me the feeling of being free. The fresh air, open space and trails to explore wherever and at whatever pace I fancy is liberating. The outdoors is also my happy place. It’s where I go if I need my mind to stop whirring at 100mph and to recharge my soul.

How do you get outside?

I love triathlon because it gives me so many options to get outside. From swimming in amazing lakes, rivers and the sea. To out cycling and exploring longer distances, or with my trainers on and running along the trails. I’m also very happy being outside at a slower pace, enjoying a walk, particularly if it’s to a pub for lunch! My holiday plans always centre around getting outside, with a regular one being to go to Mallorca and hike from place to place along the Tramuntana mountains.

What’s your favourite route?

One of my favourite routes is from West Bay up to Golden Cap. The South West Coast Path and the Jurassic Coast is stunning. The amazing views make it worth the leg and lung busting climb up to Golden Cap! Further along the coast, past Lyme Regis and down to Seaton, the path transports you to a different world and really does feel like you are in Jurassic Park. With the twisty trails filled with trees roots under the canopy of the trees, surrounded by the ferns. It’s an area I love exploring and enjoying. 

Sam Taylor competing in the Cross Tri Triathlon 

Sam Taylor-Frost competing in the Cross Tri Triathlon

Have you got any adventures planned?

Competition wise, I did my first ever International Cross Triathlon event, representing the GBR age group at the World Championships in Ibiza. This involved a 1,000m sea swim, 20km very rocky and technical mountain bike course and 6km trail run. Where I was over the moon to cross the finish line in 3rd place, earning myself a bronze medal and being ranked 3rd in the world in my age group. With this result, I hope to now be selected to represent GBR at the European Cross Triathlon Championships in Sept in Italy, where I’ll be aiming to be back on the podium.

Holiday wise, it’s a trip to one of my bucket list locations New Zealand where I’ll be hiking the Tuatapere Humpridge track, which is soon to be classified as one of their Great Walks. Over three days I’ll cover the 61km trail along the south coast of New Zealand, up to the sub-alpine zone of the Hump Ridge, and over historic viaducts in the heart of native forest.

What’s the most essential thing on your kit list?

Suncream! While I love the sunshine, my pale English rose skin doesn’t cope that well with it!

Who inspires you to get outside?

Everyone that shares how amazing the outside is and how as humans we are designed to be in it, exploring, enjoying and protecting the amazing nature all around us.

What do you prefer: Paper or digital map? (Controversial we know!)

For planning an adventure, I prefer using a paper map as it easier to see more of the area and options for routes. But when on the adventure I prefer using the OS Maps app, as it easier to get out my phone and the very helpful feature of it telling me where I am!