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Be kind to yourself

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Get outside and be kind to yourself…..

Just as we need to take care of the environment and each other, we shouldn’t forget ourselves. Fresh air is good for our wellbeing and will give you a new lease of life. Here are ideas to help you get outside and enjoy a little ‘me time’.

1. Go for a walk

Walking can help us forget the stresses of everyday life, work through upcoming decisions and help put our mind at ease. There are walks to awaken your senses, walks up Britain’s best urban hills or walks through city streets.

Discover great new walks

Head over to OS Maps to find and plot new walking routes whether you’re looking for something closer to home, or venturing further afield.

National GetOutside Day

2. Take a dip

There’s no denying that swimming in nature is good for our mental health, so head down to your closest river, lake or beach to feel refreshed and revitalised. Check that swimming is allowed before getting in.

Make a splash

Our beginner’s guide to wild swimming will help you get started and if going in it isn’t your thing, why not try on-the-water activities instead.

3. Try something new outdoors

There’s no shortage of weird and wonderful things to do outside, some you may have never even heard of! Whether it’s wild camping, forest bathing or becoming a litter hero trying something new is hugely satisfying and will offer you a chance to meet other people and explore further afield.

4. Challenge yourself

Stepping outside of your comfort zone or achieving a set goal will increase your confidence, help break unhealthy habits and give you a feeling of purpose and satisfaction. You could speed up your lunchtime walk, take your run to the trails or reach the top of a local hill.

Surprise yourself

It’s important your challenge suits you and you set realistic goals. If you’re new to something, start small. Here are some challenge ideas to get you started and five epic adventures to try.

5. Watch the sunrise or sunset

Make the effort to get up for sunrise or stay up for sunset and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Enjoy the tranquillity of this time of day absolutely anywhere; from your garden, at the beach, in a park or on top of a mountain. Sunset or sunrise offers a healthy dose of ‘me time’.

Bag the best views

To make the most of this beautiful time of day, enjoy a short walk to your local viewpoint. Here are 10 best sunset views across Great Britain for you to enjoy.

running routes 

6. Go on a run

There’s no better feeling than returning home after a run. Running provides us with a chance to zone out, forget all our troubles and enjoy the nature around us. Many call it a form of meditation, especially if you choose a route where you’re likely to be surrounded by fauna, flora or water.

If you’re new to running, check out our beginner’s guide to running and enjoy your new found freedom. Couch to 5km will help keep you motivated.

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“Sometimes you have to have a break from the grind to clear your mind”

Find out what our partners are up to

Head over to our partner page to see what they’re doing for National GetOutside Day including special offers, events and more ideas to help you enjoy your time outside.

Let’s work together and get everyone outside this September, leaving nothing but footprints as we go!

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