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Family activities
teaching children how to read a map
Top tips to get children using paper maps

27/07/2023 5 mins read

Find top tips on how to teach children to map read and make it fun with 'Get Out With The Kids'.

Map Reading
Take the Map Reading quiz!

26/07/2023 5 mins read

Map Reading
three young aldults reading a map
Free Map Reading Guides

20/07/2023 10 minutes read

Learn to map read for free with these guides from National Map Reading Week, which aims to inspire people of all ages and interests to get outside, find adventure and make memories. Reading a map can take you off the main paths and discover new places - we’re here to help you learn how!

Gear guides
Which compass is best for me?

14/06/2023 5 mins read

In some sense, all compasses do the same job but not everyone uses them for the same purpose. There are many different models with variations in features, accuracy and functionality. We take a look at some of the best on the market to help you decide which compass is right for you.

Map Reading
What is a trig pillar?

18/04/2023 10 mins read

The trig pillar was first used in the retriangulation of Great Britain on 18 April 1936. With over 6500 built, they were vital in map making. Here's everything you need to know about trig pillars including 10 great trig point walks.

Map Reading
An advanced guide to measuring distance

04/01/2023 10 mins read

An important part of navigation is being able to calculate distance on a map, then estimate that distance on the ground to reach your next navigation point. This advanced map reading guide explains how to calculate distance on the ground for walking or running to improve your navigation skills.

Family activities
Map reading skills for children

25/08/2022 5 mins read

Find out why you should get maps for kids and encourage them to improve their map reading skills. These guides will show you how to make map reading for kids of all ages both fun and educational.

Map Reading
Map skills with Scout Leader Mahroof Malik

12/07/2022 5 mins read

Group Scout Leader Mahroof Malik works with The Scout Muslim Fellowship and manages the footpath network for Birmingham City Council. He brings together his love of the outdoors, nature and navigational skills in this handy guide which will improve your map skills.

Map Reading
Advanced guide to finding your exact location

05/07/2022 10 mins read

Pinpointing your location is a fantastic skill to have whilst out on an outdoor adventure as you can use your surroundings to find your exact location on a map. Follow this fantastic guide to become an advanced navigator and learn how find your exact location when you don't know where you are.

Map Reading
Advanced navigation for poor visibility

05/07/2022 10 mins read

When you're walking, running or climbing at night or in poor visibility, things don't always go as planned. This advanced map reading guide offers expert advice on how to find your location and never be lost again.

Map Reading
Guide to OS Maps symbols

28/06/2022 5 minutes read

This simple map reading guide explains every map symbol on an OS Explorer map (1: 25 000 scale), most popular for walking and cycling. Learn what each map symbol represents on the ground and how you can find points of interest, access land and public rights of way to make the most of your time outside.

Map Reading
Advanced guide to reading contours and relief

20/06/2022 10 mins read

Understanding contour lines and relief on a map is essential for safe planning and navigation across the varied terrain you may encounter on your outdoor adventures. This guide explain all you need to know about contours and help you read valley and ridge contour lines, slopes and spurs on an OS Map map.

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