OS Maps: How-to video guides

We’ve created a series of short ‘how to’ videos to help you get started or make the most of OS Maps. Packed full of great planning features and extensive mapping across Great Britain, OS Maps is the only app you’ll need for your next adventure. Enjoy your guide to the great outdoors!

Part 1: Logging in and setting up

This video will help you get started. Learn how to set up an account, if you haven’t already done so, and log in to the OS Maps app.

Find out how to upgrade to Premium in order to access extra features including all 607 OS leisure maps.

Your premium account applies to both the web and app version of OS Maps, so you can enjoy the best features on both platforms.

​Part 2: Finding your way around the app

This video explains how to navigate around the OS Maps app. Learn how to find your current location and search for a town, village, postcode or grid reference.

Switch between map layers at a touch of a button and discover where to create, find, record and download routes.

We’ll also show you how to update your personal preferences, such as walking speed, so we can calculate how long each route will take you.

Part 3: Switching between map layers

This video will give you the lowdown on all the OS Maps layers including how to switch between them.

There are seven map types to choose from including the OS leisure maps in both 1:25k (Explorer) and 1:50k (Landranger) versions available on Premium accounts.

Learn more about each map layer and what type of activity it is best used for.

Part 4: Plotting a route

Learn how to plot a route in OS Maps in this short video. We’ll introduce you to the snap to path feature for faster, easier route planning in National Parks.

Discover how to find the distance and evaluation of your route plus the estimated time it will take you to walk, run or cycle. Learn how to edit, download and follow your new routes and share them with family and friends.

Once you’ve plotted your route, you can even download a GPX file to follow the route on a handheld GPX device or bike computer.

Part 5: Finding a route

This video will show you how to find routes on OS Maps. There are thousands of walking, running and cycling routes across Great Britain to choose from. Choose a location and search by distance, duration or difficulty.

You can also filter by rating and if you wish, choose to only see premium trails by OS partners and expert route creators. Find out more information about each route and choose which ones to save, share and follow.

Once you’ve completed a route, don’t forget to rate it and add it to your activity log!

Part 6: Recording a route

Watch this video to learn how to record a route in the OS Map app. You’ll be able to see your progress including the distance travelled. A compass can be shown and will move according to the direction of your phone.

Discover how to add completed routes to your activity report and save it to your routes library.

Saved routes are synchronised across all your devices including desktop.

Part 7: Downloading an offline map

This video will show you how to download an offline map allowing you to view detailed mapping for an area, even without phone signal.

Access all 607 GB OS leisure maps offline by downloading your own custom map in the Premium version. This not only saves phone battery and data when out and about but enables you to follow and record routes when out of signal range.

Do you have an OS paper map? Learn how to download a digital version directly onto the app.

Part 8: Printing a route

In this video find out how to print a map from OS Maps web version. Print a map with or without a route and choose which type of map you’d like to print.

Select an area and choose your scale, size and whether you want to include a route card if printing a specific route.

Part 9: Aerial 3D and 3D fly-through

Discover the innovative Aerial 3D map layer and 3D fly through feature in this short video. Learn more about the area you wish to visit including elevation and terrain.

View a route in 3D fly through for a bird’s eye view of your chosen route and highlighted points nearby such as summits, towns and woodland.

Part 10: Tabletop 3D

View a route in a virtual 3D model for the ultimate preview of an area or route you plan to explore.

As well as being visually striking and fun to use, this feature also allows you to safely understand the landscape and terrain of any future adventure.

Now you’ve watched the videos you’re ready to get outside and explore!

Published 07/07/2020