Cycling is a great environmentally friendly way to see more of Britain. Cycle to work, ride a sportive or tour the length of the country.

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Cycling King Alfred's Way

The King Alfred’s Way is a 350km circular off-road cycling route that will take you back in time. Combining beautiful rural scenery with some of Britain’s most iconic historic sites and four National Trails this ride makes a great bikepacking adventure.

Cycling all 204 OS Landranger maps!

We caught up with Mark Wedgewood over a cup of tea at the golf course club house a mile, outside Arisaig, where he tells us about his challenge to cycle all 204 OS Landranger maps

Leave the car at home

By walking or cycling instead, you'll see a positive impact on your health and happiness, the environment and your wallet. Find out how you can swap shorter car journeys for active travel and make a real difference.

Where to ride a gravel bike: best gravel riding routes

We’re lucky to have some amazing places to go gravel riding in Britain. This article takes a look at some of the best places to take a gravel bike and shows you how you can find and plan your own gravel riding routes. Includes popular routes recommended by the Gravel Kings.

Beginner's guide to gravel riding

Gravel riding fuses the best parts of road cycling, mountain biking and trail riding. You can ride a gravel bike on any terrain making them perfect for exploring from your front door. This guide to gravel riding will explain what it is, where to do it and how to get started.

All you need to know about electric bikes (e-bikes)

OS Champion and owner of Stage 1 Cycles, Helen Pollard, tells you everything you need to know about e-bikes and how they can help you save money, become fitter, more sustainable and cover more ground.

Beginner's guide to cycle touring

Travelling by bike guarantees a fantastic adventure and allows you to discover much more than your regular holiday. This beginner's guide to cycle touring will explain what it is and how to do it.

Bikepacking vs Cycle Touring

The open road is often synonymous with freedom, and there’s few things that will set you freer than taking to it on two or three wheels (or even one!). Sam Jones, from Cycling UK, outlines the differences between bikepacking and cycle touring plus what you'll need to set off on your own multi-day adventure!

10 best British long-distance cycle routes

If you're looking for an epic bikepacking or cycle touring trip, we have just the adventure for you! Sam Jones from Cycling UK shares with us his favourite long-distance cycle routes in Great Britain for both on and off-road adventures.

10 top tips for a successful bike adventure

Cycling enthusiast Laura Kennington gives us 10 top tips for planning, packing and executing a successful overnight or weekend bike adventure.