38 of the spookiest place names in the UK

For Halloween, we've dug out 38 of the spookiest place names we can find across the UK... can you add any more?

  1. Bat Alley, Pleck, Dorset
  2. Tom na Bat Hill, Cairngorms
  3. Gallions Wood, South Bucks
  4. Hallows Grove, Bradford
  5. All Hallows Drive, Rotherham
  6. Hallowed Lands, Harpswell
  7. Pumpkin Park, Bedfordshire

  1. Pumpkin Hill, South Bucks
  2. Hanged Man, Dumfries & Galloway
  3. Broomstick Lane, Botley
  4. The Tomb, South Hams
  5. Fright Wood, Canterbury
  6. Scary Cleugh, Northumberland
  7. Scary Hill, Vale of the White Horse

  1. Grim Haven, Aberdeenshire
  2. Grue Copse, Mid Devon
  3. Howl Moor, Scarborough
  4. Screamer Wood, Bradley
  5. Scream Point, Kendal
  6. Dark Peak, Peak District - 3 of the best local walks
Scary forest

Plus there's all these scary monster names too...

  1. Little Lumpkid, near Hadleigh
  2. Mouster Head, Orkney
  3. Witch Crags, Northumberland National Park
  4. Witch Hill Plantation, Havering, London
  5. Spook Hill, North Holmwood
  6. Ghost Copse, near Folkestone
  7. Ghost Hill, Cornwall
  8. Deamon Street, Bolsover
  9. Dead Man’s Hill, Norfolk
  10. Phantom’s Cleugh, Edinburgh
  11. Goblin Hill, Devon
  12. Goblin Ledge, Goucestershire
  13. Devil’s Lane, Liphook
  14. Devil’s Dyke, South Downs - walking trails
  15. Vampire Way, Farnborough
  16. Vampire Road, Manby
  17. Warlock Close, Southampton
  18. Hangman's Hill, County of Herefordshire
Map of scary place names
Boy holding pumpkin in front of face

Do you know of anymore spooky place names? Comment below and let us know!

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Edited 23.10.2020