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Great british outdoor quiz

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Test your outdoor knowledge with The Great British Outdoor Quiz, in collaboration with Go Outdoors and Blacks.
Set up a virtual campfire with a mug of hot chocolate and watch the sun go down. Whether you set up camp indoors or out, it’s time to get cosy and test your outdoor knowledge.

1: On an OS map, what does the tent symbol represent?

Wrong! The correct answer was A.

It’s a camp site! If shown with a caravan as well, it accepts both camping and caravans.

2: What is the longest road in England?

3: Which large British city is close to the famous sculpture Angel of the North?

4: Brockworth, in Gloucestershire, holds a rather bizarre annual event every Spring, in which participants roll a certain type of food down Cooper’s Hill. What is the food?

5: If the contour lines on a map are close together, are they showing a steep slope or a shallow slope.

6: Souter lighthouse was the first lighthouse in the world built for electric power. It was completed in 1871 and still stands today. Where on Britain’s coast is it?

7: On average how high is a trig pillar, in feet?

8: The centre of Great Britain lies approximately 7km north of Dunsop Bridge, in which county?

9: The peak ‘Black Mountain’ stands at 703m tall. In which Welsh mountain range can it be found?

10: On an OS Explorer Map what does a single black line represent?

11: Which is the only London train station to have entrances on both sides of the Thames?

12: Blackbirds typically like to sing after what?

13: How do black bats navigate in the darkness of night?

14: The nickname ‘Black Country’ was given to an area of Britain because of its heavy pollution levels during the Industrial Revolution. In which region does this area lie?

15: Black swans with red beaks are not native to Britain. Where do they originate from?

16: The seaside town of Blackpool is located on which British coast?

17: What is older? GORE-TEX™ or Mariah Carey

18: Which lake holds the most water in the UK?

19: What is the only venomous snake in the UK?

20: What percentage of Wales is preserved as National Parkland?

21: What was the first place in England to be declared a National Park?

22: Which is the smallest county in the UK?

23: Which animal is officially declared “the most dangerous in Britain”?

24: English oak is the second most common tree species in Britain, what is the first?

25: Ben Nevis is Britain’s highest peak. How high is it in metres?

26: What is the name given to Scottish mountains over 3000ft high?

27: Joss Naylor holds the record for the fastest National Three Peaks Challenge (driving) with a time of 11 hours 56 minutes. Which decade did he achieve this?

28: At which tarn in the Lake District were Alfred Wainwrights ashes scattered?

29: What is the name given to huts where walkers can sleep for free in Britain, usually found in mountainous and moorland areas?

30: Who completed the first continuous self-propelled round of the Munros

31: There are two main walking routes to the summit of Ben Nevis. One is named ‘the mountain track’, what is the other called?

32: In 2019, Jaxon Krzysik became the youngest person to complete the Three Peaks Challenge. How old was he?

33: How many islands in GB are greater than 5km2?

34: What is a topographic map?

35: In metres, how high above sea level is Snowdon?

36: How many miles long is Hadrian’s Wall Path?

37: What is the most common knot for tying a climbing rope to your harness?

38: To the nearest 1000, how many km2 of Great Britain do the National Parks cover?

39: What is a benchmark?

40: What is England’s highest waterfall above ground?

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