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Ordnance Survey Mappy Music Quiz

How well do you know Britain's most iconic artists and bands, geographical song lyrics or historic venues? Britain has music heritage everywhere you turn – test your knowledge of the places where Britain’s world-class music scene has been born and nurtured.

See how well you score, and check out the Great British Music Map for over 2,500 musical stories and places across the country that you can walk around and explore!

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Hey you! Don’t watch that, watch this!

This is our ST&G Great British music map! It features heavy-heavy knowledge on British music – some of the most trivial around!

So if you’re stuck indoors and beginning to feel the heat! Well, listen buster, you better start to explore these deats. This map is one of the rockingest, rocksteady sheets!

With over 2,500 things to discover this map goes One Step Beyond!

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Published April 2020

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