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Family activities
7 top tips for getting outside in the rain

01/10/2021 5 mins read

When it's damp and dreary outside there's still so much fun to be had! Here are 7 top tips for enjoying the outdoors when the weather's not playing ball. Pull on your wellies, put on your waterproofs and get outside in the rain!

Gear guides
Gear Guide: Walking Poles

23/09/2021 15 minutes read

The simple wooden walking stick has gone high-tech! This is a quick look at why you might want a walking pole, and what sort of features to look for when you are choosing one.

10 best British islands

06/08/2021 10 min read

Author and OS GetOutside Champion Lisa Drewe shares her 10 best British islands to walk around, taken from her book Islandeering.

10 best bothy walks

22/07/2021 20 min read

Author and outdoor guide, Geoff Allan shares his 10 best adventures from his book Scottish Bothy Walks.

Family activities
Great British bakes for picnics and adventures

16/07/2021 All of Great Britain 10 min read

Discover some traditional baked treats from all corners of Great Britain and follow these easy recipes so you can prepare the perfect picnic or stock up for your next walk.

Places to go
Exploring Britain's National Parks

02/06/2021 All of Great Britain 20 min read

OS GetOutside Champion Sean Conway runs 15 marathons in 15 National Parks in 15 days to highlight how incredible Great Britain is. We caught up with him to find out more about his challenge and discover what makes each National Park so special.

Our 50 favourite walks - from the OS Team

30/04/2021 All of Great Britain 20 min read

Here are 50 of our favourite walks, brought to you by the OS Team including our OS Champions.

Sensory walks

29/04/2021 All of Great Britain 10 min read

We’ve teamed up with the national charity Sense to support their work on a programme of sensory walks. Find out how you can better connect with nature and get the most from your next walk.

Nutrition for hiking and hill walking

31/03/2021 15 min read

Nutrition in the great outdoors: What do you need to know? Bought to you by GetOutside Champion Ben Turner - an MNU certified evidence-based nutritionist, level 4 Personal Trainer and avid adventure enthusiast.

Day walks in Northumberland

29/03/2021 North East 15 min read

GetOutside Champion Dave Wilson is as passionate about the outdoors as he is about his native Northumberland. From exploring the valleys of the Cheviot Hills, to hiking Hadrian’s Wall, his enthusiasm for England’s Border County is endless.

Public Rights of Way

29/03/2021 20 min read

Did you know, we show over 220,000 km of public rights of way on our maps? Approximately 170,000 km of these are footpaths and 40,000 km are bridleways. Over 4,600 km are National Trails and 30,900 km are recreational routes!

Places to go
London: staying wild in the city

15/03/2021 London 10 min read

Cities can often be unexpected treasure-troves of nature. Chris Platt explores London to discover where nature has taken up residence, and where you can reconnect with the wild.

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