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Short walks in Hampshire

10/05/2022 South East 10 min read

Squeezing a short walk into our busy lives can seem like an impossible task but with a little planning, it’s more than doable. Here are five tips to help you incorporate a peaceful stroll into your day plus our favourite short walks in Hampshire for you to enjoy too.

Family activities
25 island adventures in Britain for families

05/05/2022 All of Great Britain 10 min read

Having explored over 600 islands in Britain, Lisa Drewe shares some of her top family-friendly island adventures in Britain, plus recommended walking routes. Whether you are a hiker, sand-castle maker, beach lover, wildlife watcher or just have a curious mind, these family-friendly adventures will help make a great tip.

Climbing and mountaineering
A guide to hill and mountains in the UK and Ireland

20/04/2022 All of Great Britain 10 minutes read

Do you know your Munros from your Corbetts? The Adventure Patch Company tell us about hill bagging and explain some of the better and lesser known hills and mountain classifications in the UK and Ireland.

Most popular walking routes in OS Maps

13/04/2022 All of Great Britain 10 min read

OS Maps users have been busy over the last six months, following thousands of routes and saving their favourites. To help inspire your next adventure, we’re sharing the top 10 most popular walking route. All these routes are Trusted Routes, so they’ve been tried and tested by our partner experts up and down the nation, guaranteeing a great walk.

8 of the best spring hiking escapes for Londoners

08/04/2022 London 10 minutes read

Alex Middleton shows us how accessible outdoor spaces are from London. Here's 8 of his favourite spots for hiking near London which are all within 90 minutes from the capital city. All these routes make a great spring walk.

Dog friendly
10 best dog walks

08/04/2022 All of Great Britain 10 min read

Walking your dog on the same path each day can get boring, so why not mix things up and plot new routes to enjoy with your four-legged friend. We’ve found some of the best places to walk your dog and picked 10 best dog-friendly routes, tried and tested by our OS Champions and their canine companions.

10 best bluebell walks

25/03/2022 All of Great Britain 10 min read

There’s no denying that spring is one of the best times to get out and about. Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) are one of the most iconic spring flowers and you can usually find them in April and May. We’ve rounded up some of the best short bluebell walks across Britain where you’re guaranteed to find these beautiful lilac flowers.

Walking in Mud

22/02/2022 10 mins read

It's that time of year when many of your favourite paths can turn into a quagmire. Here are some top tips on how to deal with walking in mud and how to plan a walking route that may avoid it.

Dog friendly
London's best parks for dog walking

22/02/2022 London 5 mins read

If you want to walk your dog in London and feel like your options are limited due to it being a huge city, you couldn’t be more wrong! We take a look at some of the best parks for dog walking in London and where they are on the map.

Top urban hills that are worth the climb

22/02/2022 All of Great Britain 10 min read

Hills make a great place to walk. You'll benefit from an excellent workout and when you reach the top, will be rewarded with some great views. Here are our top urban hills that are worth the climb. Find hills near you.

Planning a walking route in 5 easy steps

10/02/2022 All of Great Britain 10 mins read

Don't just follow others - planning your own walking route can be a rewarding experience, helping you discover new places or set yourself challenges. Jonathan from the OS Team outlines how you can get started and find new walking routes with the help of a walking route planner.

Top 20 romantic walks

08/02/2022 All of Great Britain 10 mins read

Whether you're madly in love or a happy singleton, you can plan a romantic walk with a beloved partner, family or four-legged friend at any time of year - a must on Valentine's Day! Discover the best romantic walks across Great Britain and find one near you near you.

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