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Gear Guide: Walking Poles

23/09/2021 15 minutes read

The simple wooden walking stick has gone high-tech! This is a quick look at why you might want a walking pole, and what sort of features to look for when you are choosing one.

Gear guides
Gear Guide: Tents

27/07/2021 10 min read

Camping experts Vango offer a comprehensive gear guide on tents to help you choose the perfect outdoor abode and enjoy cosy nights under the stars.

What is a GPX file?

01/07/2020 10 min read

In any discussion of routes, navigation or GPS devices, you have probably seen people mentioning ‘GPX files’. GPX is shorthand for GPS eXchange Format and is a type of file that’s really helpful to anyone who loves the outdoors, plus it's the most popular way of saving and exchanging routes.

Gear guides
Choosing the right walking boots


Good boots are an essential part of the walking kit so make sure you're choosing the best ones for you.

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Be inspired to #GetOutside

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