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Family activities
Mappy Christmas Crafts

20/10/2023 5 mins read

The countdown is on for Christmas! So get crafty with your old paper maps with these 10 festive ideas on how to repurpose them.

Learn to cycle

22/09/2023 5 mins read

Cycling is brilliant for all ages – it’s fun, great physical exercise and provides an opportunity for family adventures outside. This useful learn to cycle guide will help you teach someone to ride for the first time.

Family activities
20 activities to try in autumn

18/09/2023 10 mins read

Keep your children busy in autumn with these 20 ideas for fun outdoor activities suitable for all ages.

Family activities
teaching children how to read a map
Top tips to get children using paper maps

27/07/2023 5 mins read

Find top tips on how to teach children to map read and make it fun with 'Get Out With The Kids'.

Family activities
shaun the sheep walks
Countryside Code walks with Shaun the Sheep

27/07/2023 All of Great Britain 10 mins read

Shaun the Sheep is the champion of Natural England’s Countryside Code. Shaun shares some of his favourite short walks suitable for the whole family.

Family activities
Best wild ruins for families to visit in the Midlands

08/02/2023 East Midlands 10 mins read

Nikki Squires, author of Wild Guide Central England, shares her favourite wild ruins in the Midlands area. From the White Ladies Priory in Wolverhampton to the The Elephant Stone in Worcestershire, all these family-friendly locations make a great day out.

Family activities
Map reading skills for children

25/08/2022 5 mins read

Find out why you should get maps for kids and encourage them to improve their map reading skills. These guides will show you how to make map reading for kids of all ages both fun and educational.

Family activities
25 island adventures in Britain for families

05/05/2022 All of Great Britain 10 min read

Having explored over 600 islands in Britain, Lisa Drewe shares some of her top family-friendly island adventures in Britain, plus recommended walking routes. Whether you are a hiker, sand-castle maker, beach lover, wildlife watcher or just have a curious mind, these family-friendly adventures will help make a great tip.

Family activities
Kids treasure hunt

20/04/2022 5 mins read

OS Champions, The Meek Family, love to find new ways to make maps more fun. Try their outdoor treasure hunt game to introduce kids to maps and discover the benefits of map reading skills for children. Includes downloadable activity and answer cards for the game.

Family activities
Den building: family activity ideas

07/04/2022 10 min read

Den building is a rite of childhood - it's cheap, you can do it anytime of year, it’s universal and it’s fun for all ages. Heading outside to build a den will keep the kids entertained during the school holidays. The Den Kit Co. explore the art of den building and offer some tips on how to plan a great day out.

Family activities
Teaching younger children about maps

05/04/2022 5 mins read

Teaching children to map read from a young age will help them understand the world around them and set them up for future adventures. We look at how you can introduce younger children to map reading and teach them to create their own simple maps.

Family activities
Woodland crafting guide

01/11/2021 10 mins read

​As autumn gets into full swing, many of us like to go outside to appreciate just how beautifully nature works her magic on our trees and landscape. It’s a wondrous sight to behold, but nature also provides us with many leisure activities beyond walking, which are suitable for all. This woodland craft guide will keep the whole family entertained this autumn.

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