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A guide to Wild Camping on Dartmoor

24/01/2023 South West 10 mins read

Wild camping on Dartmoor has changed, but there are many areas where it's still permitted. You’re going to need a rucksack for this one as camping next to the road or in camper vans is not allowed. Here's all you need to know about wild camping on Dartmoor.

Your guide to camping with dogs

19/08/2022 10 mins read

With an eager attitude, a bit of preparation and the right gear, you’ll be ready to explore the outdoors with your four-legged friend. Here’s our expert guide to camping with dogs to make sure your overnight adventures get off to a good start.

Beginner's Guide to Camping

16/06/2022 10 min read

Planning your first camping trip? Check out this comprehensive beginners guide for tips on what to take, fun activities to do whilst you're there and how to cope if it rains.

Gear guide: sleeping bags

10/03/2022 15 mins read

This guide to sleeping bag takes a look at the different types of sleeping bags, their materials, features, ratings and what they’re best for, to help you choose the right one for you.

Gear guide: camp stoves

07/03/2022 10 mins read

This gear guide to camp stoves will introduce you to the different type of camp stoves available and highlight the key features you need to consider when buying one. Whether you’re brewing a cuppa or cooking a hearty meal, camp stoves can make a big difference to your outdoor adventures.

How to have a wild night out

14/07/2021 5 minutes read

With busy lives it's increasingly difficult for us to fit outdoor time into our daily schedules. So, why not use those twilight hours that might otherwise be sat in front of the TV to have an adventure. OS Champion Belinda Kirk, offers some suggestions on how to have a wild night out.

GetOutside Podcast series

17/06/2020 All of Great Britain

The GetOutside podcast series has an adventurous gleam in its eye. Each edition heads deep into Britain’s wild spaces, bringing you compelling interviewees, inspiration and information to help you get active outdoors.

10 short n’ sweet adventures from your front door

29/07/2019 All of Great Britain 5 mins read

Living in Great Britain, we don’t have to go far to find green spaces and natural water, even in big cities. Here are 10 short n’ sweet adventures you can do from your front-door in an evening or weekend.

Top 5 wild camping spots across Wales

10/08/2018 Wales 5 mins read

Daniel Start, author of the Wild Guide Wales, chooses his favourite wild camping spots in Wales. Find directions on how to get to these top 5 wild camping locations plus recommended walks nearby.

A wild camp at Winspit

02/08/2018 South West

Kate Jamieson describes her night on the Dorset coast and the dos and don'ts of wild camping

A blonde guide to hammock camping


Blonde Two, Fi Darby, answers your questions on the ins and outs of hammock camping.

How to shower with hot water in middle of nowhere

01/08/2018 All of Great Britain

Spending time in the outdoors camping or hiking is fun until you're in need a hot shower, and don't know where to get one. Here are 8 ways of keeping clean while out in the wilderness.

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