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Mahdi Chowdhury

Meet Mahdi Chowdhury - Spontaneous, football, foodie, tech lover, competitive, adventurer and driven

Sophie Power

Meet Sophie Power - Ultrarunner. Entrepreneur. Runs on strong tea and chocolate

Alex Middleton

Meet Alex Middleton - Entrepreneur getting Britain hiking. Also likes trail running and hummus.

Karl Rushen

Meet Karl Rushen - Husband, Father, Brother, Six Star Chaser, Food Lover, Blacksheep!

Phoebe Smith

Meet Phoebe Smith - Extreme Sleeping, wild camping adventurer; award-winning travel writer, author, photographer and broadcaster.

9 mini adventures from London

A microadventure is an overnight (5pm to 9am) adventure so let’s define a mini adventure as a 24 - 48 hour adventure. One that can be enjoyed over weekends, snugged perfectly between Friday nights and Monday mornings, and provide a suitable smile inducing dose of outdoors time.

Urban Trails

Finding running routes in urban areas may not be as hard as you think. Mountain runner Max Nicholls tells us how he trains for National and World Championships by finding routes in South London.

Best parks for cycling in London

London has gained a justified reputation as one of the greenest cities in Europe. Despite its size, the city has managed to cram in a huge amount of green spaces, many of which are ideal for a day’s cycling.

A little Gem in London: Putney, Barnes to Chiswick Markets

A small ponder along green lush woodlands, passing old oak trees and wide open spaces along south of the river where the pace is a bit slower and the wildlife from Jays to Woodpeckers awaits you around the corner.

10 traffic-free cycling routes from London

London isn’t always the first place that springs to mind when it comes to group cycling. But with canals, towpaths and green spaces galore, there are a surprising number of traffic-free cycling routes that are perfect for families and groups.