Find a balance for the mind in the outdoors

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GetOutside for World Mental Health Day

The outdoors can have positive benefits to not only your physical health, but also your mental health. Find out more about how you can decrease stress and improve your wellbeing by trying some of these simple activities.

Be kind to yourself

Just as we need to take care of the environment and each other, we shouldn't forget ourselves. Fresh air is good for our wellbeing and will give you a new lease of life. Here are ideas to help you get outside and enjoy a little 'me time'.

How nature improves our mental health

Holly Barber from Eco Monkey takes a look at some of the lesser-known ways in which spending time outside in nature can improve your wellbeing.

Be kind to others

Whether it's lending a helping hand to someone or being considerate to others while you're out and about. Here are some ideas on how to get outside and be kind to others.

Step outside for your mental health

We caught up with some of our OS Champions to chat about their experiences with mental health and how getting outside, talking to someone, and connecting with nature can make all the difference and improve your wellbeing.

Sensory walks

We’ve teamed up with the national charity Sense to support their work on a programme of sensory walks. Find out how you can better connect with nature and get the most from your next walk.

5 top tips for healthy ageing

GetOutside Champion, Glyn Dodwell let's us in on his secret behind healthy ageing and why it's so important.

Join the GetOutside Challenge!

Getting outside every day during winters will do wonders for our physical and mental wellbeing. Wrap up warm and explore from your doorstep with these ideas from the free GetOutside Challenge Calendar.

Blue Space

Time spent near or in water is the secret to health and happiness. GetOutside Champion, Lisa Drewe author of Islandeering explores ‘blue space’ and the staggering scale and diversity of it in the UK’s wild and urban places, as well as our homes and gardens.

Mind Over Mountains

How do we keep going when we can’t see the top? OS Champion and founder of charity Mind Over Mountains, Alex Staniforth, shares his top tips for how to manage your mental health during tough times.