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Visit Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula

Tracy Purnell By Tracy Purnell

Discover what you can do and see at Three Cliffs Bay.

Three Cliffs Bay can be found on the Gower Peninsula in South West Wales. The bay was named after the three large pointed cliffs that sit upon this small beach. Over looking Three Cliffs Bay to the east are Pennard Castle ruins and below the castle is Pennard Pill River, which flows into Three Cliffs Bay carving dramatic banks into the sand. This river can be crossed on the beach by large stepping stones.

The cliffs are made up of limestone and are extremely popular with rock climbers. The three cliffs form an archway onto the beach and can be walked through. Great for an interesting photo opportunity! As well as the magnificent limestone cliffs, the beach has beautiful sand dunes and salt marsh to wander and explore at low tide. Stay safe at three cliffs bay as it has very strong tides and currents. There are full time lifeguards on the beach during holiday periods, but they advise against swimming or water sports when the tide is returning in.

From the car park it is approximately a 10 minute walk down to the bay. The path is quite steep and uneven underfoot, so care needs to be taken. There are public toilets at Three Cliffs Holiday Park near the car park which visitors to the bay are free to use. This beach is dog friendly all year round. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access down to the beach.

There is lots to see and explore around Three Cliffs Bay. The Wales coastal path runs long the cliffs above the bay, it is such a varied walk into Port Eynon. It takes you through beautiful woodlands, Oxwich nature reserve and Oxwich bay if the tide is out, also past seaside shops and residential areas.

The Gower way long distance path passes through the village of Penmaen just north of Three Cliffs Bay. The views from this hill top path at Penmaen are pretty spectacular as you walk down the spine of the Gower Peninsular you have coastal views to both sides.

Tracy Purnell By Tracy Purnell


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