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National GetOutside Day | Sunday 26 September 2021

• GetOutside • Sep 01, 2021 • 5 minutes

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Over the past year or so, we’ve adapted to a new way of living. Many of us have enjoyed being outside more than ever before, and learnt not to take the freedom of the outdoors for granted. Our outdoor space gives us a chance to switch off, appreciate what's around us and helps us stay fit and healthy.

Our theme this year is Be kind: to the environment, to others and to ourselves.

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Things to do for the environment

No one likes walking amongst litter, seeing plastic bottles bobbing around our waterways or wildlife distressed. So, now it’s time for us to think about how we give back and take care of the environment, just as it’s taken care of us.

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Things to do with/for others

Lend a helping hand to someone this National GetOutside Day, encourage them to join in the fun and be considerate to others while you're out and about.

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Things to do on your own

Just as we need to take care of the environment and each other, we shouldn't forget ourselves. Fresh air is good for our wellbeing and will give you a new lease of life.

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Find events or create your own

Download the free GetOutside app to find more things to do and events nearby If you're organising your own, add public or private events to the app and share it with others for free.

The Countryside Code

When out and about, please follow the countryside code to help protect the environment, so we can all enjoy it for years to come.

Find out what our partners are up to

Our partners and supporters play a huge part in the day, helping everyone to get outside more often. Find out what they have in store on our special partner page where you'll find more ideas, events and special offers to celebrate the day.

Let’s work together and get everyone outside this September, leaving nothing but footprints as we go!

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