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Top 20 romantic walks

Whether you're madly in love or a happy singleton, you can plan a romantic walk with a beloved partner, family or four-legged friend at any time of year - a must on Valentine's Day! Discover the best romantic walks across Great Britain and find one near you near you.

10 best waterfall walks

Waterfalls are a great place to visit for a leisurely stroll and we're lucky enough to have many across Great Britain. Find waterfall walks near you including details of each route. Our OS GeOutside Champions share with us 10 of their favourites.

Day walks in Northumberland

GetOutside Champion Dave Wilson is as passionate about the outdoors as he is about his native Northumberland. From exploring the valleys of the Cheviot Hills, to hiking Hadrian’s Wall, his enthusiasm for England’s Border County is endless.

10 best city walks

The vast majority of us in Great Britain live in urban areas. Our cities have such an eclectic mix of people, cultures, skylines and history to enjoy. So, take a wander around the streets or your local park, find some new street art, and uncover the hidden histories that make up the cities we call home. Here's our selection of 10 of the best city walks.

Make time to find the path less trodden

Find your freedom and escape the crowds by finding a path less trodden. Our OS GetOutside Champions share with us their favourite walking and cycling routes to enjoy some peace and quiet.