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Staying safe in the dark

As the days get shorter it's important to take extra precautions when getting outside. Mountain Rescue share their expert advice for staying safe in the dark.

Mountain Rescue’s accident black spots

Mountain Rescue England and Wales share with us a handful of accident black spots across Britain, in which they are often called to, and how you can stay safe when visiting these areas.

Summer safety in the mountains

Ordnance Survey, Mountain Rescue England and Wales and the Met Office join forces to offer some great advice on summer safety in the mountains.

Everything you need to know about Mountain Rescue

OS Champion, Emily Thompson, talks us through everything you need to know about Mountain Rescue Teams, and what to consider if you would like to become part of one.

Hill walking safety for beginners

OS Champion Phillipa Cherryson spends a day with the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team for some pointers on hill walking safety for beginners.

Outdoor first aid: the basics

Whatever adventure you decide to take, a basic knowledge of outdoor first aid will help keep you safe. Alistair Morris, Medical Director at Mountain Rescue England and Wales, explains how to deal with the most common outdoor injuries.

Advice from Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue England and Wales share their expert advice to help you stay safe outdoors. Find out how to plan ahead, stay safe on the hills and how to call Mountain Rescue in an emergency.

Staying safe on the beach: respect the RIP

Getting out on the water is great, especially in summer, but it’s important we do it safely. Water safety expert, Brendon Prince, shares his advice for staying safe in, on or around water and explains the importance of respecting the RIP.

Safety tips for walking outside

Our friends at Lifesystems share expert advice on how to stay safe in the outdoors. Here is everything you need to know about safety when walking in the outdoors and how you can better prepare yourself for your next adventure.

Danger Areas

If you’ve been using OS Maps’ ‘standard’ mapping recently, you may have noticed we’ve added some places marked as ‘Danger Area’. These areas are used by the military for training.