Can the insider become the outsider?

Person 1: All the gear | Person 2: No Idea

3 teams. 2 days. 1 prize

Join us on an epic adventure! With maps and backpack in hand, our OS Outsiders team up with 3 giants of social media who don’t know their tent poles from their walking sticks, decoding clues and taking on challenges along the way. Which team will emerge victorious in the ultimate test of skill, teamwork, and exploring the great outdoors?

£10,000 for charity

Day 1:

Let’s get back to basics. With all technology firmly locked away our OS Champions have their work cut out teaching the influencers how to navigate using a trusty OS paper map.

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Meet the teams



Picture of Greg Whyte

Greg Whyte

Former Olympian and physical activity expert, Professor has successfully coached celebrities such as David Walliams, Dermot O’Leary and Cheryl Cole through Comic Relief challenges. Now’s his chance to test his skills training 3 total outdoor novices.


What is Greg packing for the challenge?

Picture of Charley Marlowe

Charley Marlowe

Charley is your new Liverpudlian best friend, well known for her entertaining presentation style. While she dazzles on the red carpet interviewing A-listers, the question is: can she work her magic building a raft?


What is Charley packing for the challenge?

Picture of Phillipa Cherryson

Phillipa Cherryson

Meet Phillipa – Outdoor enthusiast, horse and dog lover, writer and cake fan. Heading to the hills is her go to for resetting and refreshing, but will this challenge offer the same relaxation, or push her to new heights?


What is Phillipa packing for the challenge?

Picture of Jack Joseph

Jack Joseph

Meet Jack, the comedic powerhouse with over 4 million followers on TikTok! When the gadgets are left behind, will he be able to navigate his way through the countryside?


What is Jack packing for the challenge?

Picture of Sue Barratt

Sue Barrett

Adventure queen Sue is a cyclist, hiker and teacher, turned Tour Guide. Her teaching skills face the ultimate test as she guides a TikToker with no outdoor abilities across the South Downs. Get ready to see if Sue’s skills can turn these novices into nature pros!


What is Sue packing for the challenge?

Picture of Cole Anderson-James

Cole Anderson-James

Introducing Cole, the comedic genius taking over TikTok. Better known for sunning it up in hot climates than braving the rain in his waterproof jacket, how will he fare in the unpredictable British countryside?


What is Cole packing for the challenge?

The location

South Downs

One hour from London and a million miles away

Welcome to the South Downs where urban chaos gives way to stunning landscapes as far as the eye can see. Discover the endless trails and stunning location of our Touch Grass Challenge.

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Map extract of the South Downs

The Challenge

Person walking

The Hike

Three teams competing for £10k to give to charity. All that stands between them and the prize is 3 different routes across the South Downs.

Person in a sleeping bag

The Camp

No outdoor adventure is complete without a night under canvas. Three influencers putting up a tent for the first time – what could possibly go wrong!

The head of an oar in the water

The Challenges

As if the routes were not challenging enough, we’ve sprinkled in some hidden surprises. Picture this: a locked keybox across a river with no bridge in sight. Knot tying skills would definitely come in handy for this challenge.

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