OS Wallpaper

OS Wallpaper Download: April 2023

There's something very appealing in the geometric shapes of a neatly ploughed field. This photo was taken near Tiverton, Devon in April 2020 by Lewis Clarke.

OS Wallpaper Download: March 2023

Alexandra Park was designed to serve as a public centre of recreation, education and entertainment in North London, with views to the south and east stretching down towards the Thames Estuary

OS Wallpaper Download: February 2023

Eyam Moor in the Peak District features in the free wallpaper download for February 2023. Traces of human activity here dates back to the Bronze Age, including the Wet Withens stone circle.

OS Wallpaper Download: January 2023

January is the perfect time of year to capture those snow-covered landscapes. This photo by Alan O'Dowd taken near Boreland Wood, South Lanarkshire captures a chilly sunset.

OS Wallpaper Download: December 2022

In December the sun is low and the days short. While this makes outdoor activities harder, it also provides opportunities for some sunning photography, as this photo taken near Burnt Houses, County Durham by Andy Waddington demonstrates.

OS Wallpaper Download: November 2022

The Glenfinnan Viaduct was built in 1901 to connect Fort William and Mallaig by rail and features in a number of films, most notably the Harry Potter series. Clive Nicholson captured this view of Loch Shiel while crossing it.

OS Wallpaper Download: October 2022

The changing colours make autumn one of the most exciting seasons to photograph. This image was taken by Chris Denny in 2013, and shows the range from warm reds to bright yellows as the trees prepare for winter dormancy.

OS Wallpaper Download: September 2022

The Ridgeway is an ancient track thought to be Britain's oldest road. From Avebury, it follows a ridge of chalk hills for 87 miles (139 Km) to Ivinghoe Beacon northwest of London. Evidence of it's use dates back 5000 years.

OS Wallpaper Download: August 2022

Packhorse Bridges were built to be big enough to take a person on foot, or a horse carrying packs, but were not big enough for a cart. You'll often find them on ancient trading routes, with some dating back to the 15th century, and still in use today.

OS Wallpaper Download: July 2022

Britain boasts some amazing National Parks, with countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors - and take photographs of it! This picture by Gordon Hatton was taken in the Hambleton Hills, North York Moors in July 2010.