Helen Pollard
  • OS Champion

Helen Pollard

Meet Helen Pollard – Mountain biker, dog runner, mum to daughter Daisy.

What drives you to spend time outside?

Being outside is the place I feel most comfortable to be.

Where are your favourite places to go?

I love the Yorkshire Dales but secretly always wish to be by the sea!

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors?

I enjoy Mountain Biking and running.

Who inspires you and how?

I am inspired by endurance athletes and adventurers from normal works of life such as Anna McNuff and Alistair Humpreys.

What are your focuses this year to help people get outside more often?

Continuing to engage the local community in cycling through our community club and teaching.

What are your 3 biggest life achievements?

Setting up our business, running a community cycling club, my daughter.

3 words you live by

“It will be fine” (sorry I couldn’t do 3!)

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Dancing badly!