Harrison Ward
  • OS Champion

Harrison Ward

Meet Harrison Ward – Outdoor Cook, Hiker and Mental Health Advocate

What drives you to spend time outside?

It improves my mood and wellbeing so much and I love to cook up some delights whilst taking in the views.

Where are your favourite places to go?

I am blessed to have been born in Cumbria, so there are many spots close to home for me to frequent. As long as its mountainous I’m usually pretty content.

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors?

I love the challenge of getting to a mountain summit and once there, setting up camp and preparing something delicious from scratch on my camping stove.

Who inspires you and how?

Anyone that refuses to let mental afflictions get in their way of achieving something. I know personally how big an accomplishment just getting out of bed can be on the darkest days.

What are your focuses this year to help people get outside more often?

I would love to show people that regardless of mental and physical fitness you can get into the great outdoors and get a great endorphin rush from it. I also hope to inspire people to be a bit more experimental with their camp cooking.

What are your 3 biggest life achievements?

Getting sober in 2016 after having my life controlled by alcohol. Losing all the weight I had gained during my battle with depression and booze whilst finding the fells. Running a Marathon, 11 months after taking up running.

3 words you live by…

“Dis Aliter Visum” – the gods have deemed otherwise in reference to my life turnaround.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I like to think my vices are healthier than in the past now however I do have a fondness for Peanut M&Ms.