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How to have a wild night out

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With busy lives it’s increasingly difficult for us to fit outdoor time into our daily schedules. So, why not use those twilight hours that might otherwise be sat in front of the TV to have an adventure. OS Champion Belinda Kirk, offers some suggestions on how to have a wild night out.

Adventure is for everyone

Good friends Paddy and Astrid made a bucket list that included ‘sleeping under the stars’ shortly before Paddy’s 88th birthday. On the night of Paddy’s birthday, Astrid and the residents and staff of the care home where Paddy lived sat around a fire drinking hot chocolate, singing campfire songs and listening to poems. When the non-campers went back inside, Astrid, Paddy and Astrid’s mum (who’d been Paddy’s friend for forty years) settled down outside for the night.

Wild night out 
Wild night out 

Astrid, an experienced camper, had brought all the kit for the trio to have a warm, dry night. With no rain forecast, they slept on the ground looking up at the night sky. Astrid later told me “I’m not sure Paddy slept a wink. She clung onto my hand most of the night with excitement, looking up at the stars in wonder, and slept the whole of the following morning to make up for her sleepless excitement.”

Paddy has proven that adventure is open to everyone, despite your age, skill level or location. What’s more, it can fit into even the busiest schedules, as great adventures can be had at any time of day.

night running 

Ideas for a great night out

Getting outside under the cover of darkness can give the most familiar routes, places or activities an extra dimension of fun, challenge and excitement. It could be a late-night feast on one of Britain’s best hilltops by the light of head torches, a night cycle or camping in your garden or in the wild – whatever fits you: there are no rules.

What’s important is that we make time for adventure. It’s easy to make bucket lists, but busy lives get in the way of achieving them. Committing to a night of adventure, a date in the diary, gives you a focus. And once you’ve started and reminded yourself how fun and rewarding night-time activities are, you won’t want to stop.

nocturnal nature watch 

Sleep outside in the wilderness, a campsite or your back garden

Sleeping under the stars is one of those things that you must try once. You’ll get front row seats to the dawn chorus and if you’re lucky, see the most spectacular display of stars, plus sunset and sunrise thrown in too! Read our beginner’s guide to camping and give it ago yourself. Remember to follow a few simple rules if camping in the wild; leave no trace, set up late and pack down early, and you’ll have a night you’ll never forget!

Explore the countryside by night

Pack your bag with everything you’d need for a day out, plus an extra layer and a head torch, and you’ll be set to explore by night. The countryside in incredibly peaceful at night as you’ll likely have it all to yourselves, apart from the abundance of wildlife. If it’s your first time exploring in the dark, stick to paths/areas that you know and always pack a detailed map!

Go on a nocturnal nature watch: search for bats and foxes

Some animals only come out when it’s dark, which makes night time adventures great for spotting wildlife. Keep your ears open for the rustling of leaves, is there a hedgehog nearby? Look up at the sky, can you see bats or even an owl? We’re very fortunate in Great Britain that our wildlife is unlikely to cause us any harm, even at night.

Kayak down a river by torchlight

Experience a unique serenity by picking up a paddle at night. Your favourite kayak route will be transformed under moonlight and despite the eerie calmness, you’ll get a real sense of adventure. You need to be a fairly experienced kayaker to paddle at night so please don’t attempt this alone or if you’re new to the sport.

night kayak 

Do a run or hike under the cover of darkness

The great thing about adventures on two feet is that you don’t need much equipment, so you can explore from your front door when ever you feel like it. Grab a friend and run or walk your way around town, you’ll be amazed at how different your local area looks and sounds.

Drive to the edge of your town or city, away from the lights and star gaze in the darkness

Getting away from civilisation helps us relax and unwind and you don’t need to go far to find darkness. By finding a spot away from street lights and houses, you’ll experience the most wonderful display of stars and a beautiful bright moon (on a clear night!).

Wild Night Out

Wild Night Out is an annual night when you push yourself to do something adventurous and bring someone else along with you, giving those who might not normally take the plunge a chance to spend more time adventuring. Since Wild Night Out began, more than 7,000 people have participated, raising over £69,000 for conservation and youth charities.

camping night 

Where will your Wild Night Out take you? Join the nation outside on the evening of the 2nd of July 2022 for one hell of an adventure!

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