Things to do at Blenheim Palace

Take a look at all the exciting things you can get up to at Blenheim Palace whilst visiting BBC Countryfile Live. Explore gardens, mazes, lakes and woods all within the palace grounds.

A good old game of hide and seek

Blenheim Palace is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of oak trees with 60 of the oaks being over 9000 years old! They are great to hide behind, run around and wander through, so grab your walking boots, head into the woods and have a really good game of hide and seek!

Blenheim Palace Lake

Blenheim palace has an absolutely stunning lake which is well worth a wander around. A quick 45 minute circular walk will take you to some of the best views of the palace. A range of terrain takes you past the boat house and provides outstanding views of the beautiful water terraces.

For more information on this trail visit the Blenheim Palace website

Alternatively try your luck at coarse fishing in the grand lake which is open from June till March. Bring along your fishing equipment, hire a boat and set out for a first class fishing experince.

Re-enact the Cinderella Movie

The new 2015 version of 'Cinderella' was filmed at Blenheim Palace in the beautiful palace gardens. Why not spot take a walk to spot places featured in the movie and pose for a photograph in the places where Lily James herself was acted for the movie – perfect for any aspiring Disney princesses.

Have an adventure in one of the many palace gardens

There is a whole variety of fantastic gardens to visit at Blenheim, perfect for either letting off some steam or taking a peaceful moment to yourself. Split into 'formal' and 'pleasure gardens' there is something to suit every member of the family, whether it be walking round the lavender garden, relaxing by the water features, playing in the adventure playground or enjoying the amazing smells of the rose garden.

Check out our best recommendations for which gardens to visit below.

The Secret Garden

Built originally as a private garden for the Duke of Blenheim Palace in 1952, the secret garden is just waiting to host your adventures. The three acre site has winding paths, pools, streams and a whole variety of colourful plants for you to enjoy. It is the perfect place to wander around, remove yourself from the real world and have your own little adventure.

The Churchill Memorial Garden

Visit the beautiful garden created in memory of the great Winston Churchill. Built next to the temple where Churchill proposed to his wife, the garden is a great combination of history and horticulture. You can test your history knowledge with the walk-able timeline of Churchills life and achievements whilst enjoying the beautiful flower beds which line the winding pathway.

Take a train ride

At the Palace you will find a miniature train railway which provides pleasure trips between the palace and the Pleasure Gardens. For a small charge of 50p you can hop on the train and take a ride whilst soaking up the beautiful scenes of the palace grounds. The kids are bound to love it!

Get lost in the Maze

Do you think you can navigate your way through 3000 Yew Hedges? The Marlborough Hedge Maze is one of the largest hedge mazes in the world, at 1.8 acres, the maze really is not one to be missed. The wooden bridges provide an intermittent view of the amazingly sculptured hedges which are shaped in the shapes of cannon balls, trumpets and flags. Don't get lost and be sure to take an OS map!

Fun Fact: It takes a full week and the effort of 6 people with hedge trimmers to be able to give the Maze its' yearly trim!

Butterfly House

The butterfly house at Blenheim Palace is full of exotic species of butterflies which you can watch fly and which you can get right up close to. Welcomed in from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, these rare species of butterflies now live in this beautiful tropical environment and are available for the public to go and view. Take a visit to these beautiful insects and if you are lucky you might even get one to land on you!