Family activities

Family activities

Getting outside with kids can be challenging, but encouraging them at a young age can give them an appreciation that lasts a lifetime

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Teaching younger children about maps

Teaching children to map read from a young age will help them understand the world around them and set them up for future adventures. We look at how you can introduce younger children to map reading and teach them to create their own simple maps.

Woodland crafting guide

​As autumn gets into full swing, many of us like to go outside to appreciate just how beautifully nature works her magic on our trees and landscape. It’s a wondrous sight to behold, but nature also provides us with many leisure activities beyond walking, which are suitable for all. This woodland craft guide will keep the whole family entertained this autumn.

Best UK locations to fossil hunt and spot wildlife

There are many fantastic locations to find fossils and spot wildlife in the UK. Discovering fossils from millions of years ago makes a fantastic day out. Here are a few of our favourite places to find fossils and wildlife.

7 top tips for getting outside in the rain

When it's damp and dreary outside there's still so much fun to be had! Here are 7 top tips for enjoying the outdoors when the weather's not playing ball. Pull on your wellies, put on your waterproofs and get outside in the rain!

Wallace and Gromit's new outdoor game

‘Fix up the City’ is a new free gaming app that features Wallace and Gromit and to play it you’ll need to visit Bristol’s Millennium Square or Cardiff Bay. The OS Games team went to check it out.

OS Game Review: Geocaching

Introducing the first in our series of outdoor game reviews: Geocaching. We spoke to walkers and cyclists to see what they thought of the popular location-based game Geocaching.

How to have the perfect picnic

OS GetOutside Champion and Fell Foodie, Harrison Ward, reveals his top tips on how to have the perfect picnic including what to take and where to go.

Great British bakes for picnics and adventures

Discover some traditional baked treats from all corners of Great Britain and follow these easy recipes so you can prepare the perfect picnic or stock up for your next walk.

Why visiting a PYO farm is the best day out

Craft Invaders, Sarah Whiting gives us 10 reasons why you should visit a Pick Your Own farm this summer. She talks us through the best methods used to pick gooseberries, raspberries, currants and strawberries. Plus, find out how to make your own jam with her special recipe guide.

Ideas to help you to GetOutside in a city

Children are spending less time outside and the blame is often put onto our urbanised living. That needn't be the excuse, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy nature in urban areas. Addi, mum of two from Team AA and Leeds resident, reveals how you can escape from your doorstep.