Luxury glamping to ultra-light wild camping, there's nothing quite like sleeping outside

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A blonde guide to hammock camping

Blonde Two, Fi Darby, answers your questions on the ins and outs of hammock camping.

How to shower with hot water in middle of nowhere

Spending time in the outdoors camping or hiking is fun until you're in need a hot shower, and don't know where to get one. Here are 8 ways of keeping clean while out in the wilderness.

How to choose a wild camp spot - 5 top tips

It’s a fact (well, in my dictionary anyway!) that nothing beats getting outside and snuggling down under a blanket of stars for the night. Enter wild camping. Emma Frampton from the OS team gives us 5 top tips for finding the perfect wild camping spot.

Campfire bread on a stick

Cooking over a fire, to my mind, is one of the best parts of camping. The simple act of watching the embers glow while waiting for your food to cook is one of most mesmerising activities I know. Not surprisingly the campfire is always the heart of a camp, drawing everyone in whether young or old. With the right equipment you can cook just about anything over a campfire, but some of the best recipes are the simplest, as is the case with bread on a stick.

20 useless bits of camping gear

At Ordnance Survey we love looking at outdoor and camping gear but not all of it is exactly useful. Here's 20 of the weirdest and most pointless bits of camping gear ever made.

Cooking over a wood camp fire

With modern stoves, there's not often a reason that you have to cook over a wood fire - but it's great fun, even in your back garden. While gas or charcoal barbecues are the 'civilised' version, anyone can learn how to cook surprisingly complex dishes over an open fire.

20 things only real campers know

Whether you're an avid camper or reluctantly only sleep under canvas when forced, there are certain things that only real campers will know.

Stay safe camping with fire

Swapping stories (or drinks) over a camp fire can make a camping trip. Here's how to have one safely.

Beginner’s guide to lighting a fire

It's a skill humans have had for millennia - but do you know how to get a decent, safe fire going on your next camping trip?