Nigel Vardy

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Explore from your door

How well do you know your local area? You may be surprised by how many paths and greenspaces are waiting for you to find! We asked our OS Champions how they like to explore their local area.

Walking at 80 years young

We all know the physical and mental health benefits of spending time outside. And we all know someone older than us who maybe doesn't get enough fresh air. So take your parents, elderly neighbour or friend out with you on a short walk this Winter season.

Spring: an ode to the old and new

Spring should be a time for celebration as new life bursts forth and drives the grey skies of winter away. For #GetOutside Champion Nigel Vardy though, this Spring bought reflection on a man who inspired him in nature.

Learning to Fly...

Champion Nigel Vardy shares how he likes to get outside and use the natural environment to de-stress from everyday life, by fly fishing!

Treading lightly...

Tread gently, move quietly, respect peacefully... The idea of Leave No Trace was created in the USA during the 1960’s due to the increase of land use by the public. Since then its principles have spread across the world!

Take a Deep Breath…

Nigel Vardy is a legendary adventurer who has been challenged with finding clean air to fill his lungs his whole life. But controlling his breathing and understanding the importance of fresh air have been paramount to his mental and physical health.

GetOutside Champion: Nigel Vardy

Nigel Vardy was born of the outdoors. His childhood was built on farming, working in the countryside and exploring his native Derbyshire.