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Best places to paddleboard in the South West

OS Champion and author of ‘Paddleboarding South West England’, Lisa Drewe, reveals her favourite places to paddleboard in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset.

10 best lochs in Scotland you must visit

From the island-rich Loch Maree and the secluded beaches of Loch Morar, OS Champion, Lisa Drewe, reveals her 10 best lochs in Scotland you must visit.

25 island adventures in Britain for families

Having explored over 600 islands in Britain, Lisa Drewe shares some of her top family-friendly island adventures in Britain, plus recommended walking routes. Whether you are a hiker, sand-castle maker, beach lover, wildlife watcher or just have a curious mind, these family-friendly adventures will help make a great tip.

Meet our adventure pets

Most animals love the outdoors but some insist they join us on every adventure. We say hello our OS GetOutside Champion's most adventurous pets and discover how they love to get outside. Plus, find top tips for taking your pet with you on your next day out.

10 best British islands

Author and OS GetOutside Champion Lisa Drewe shares her 10 best British islands to walk around, taken from her book Islandeering.

Make time to find the path less trodden

Find your freedom and escape the crowds by finding a path less trodden. Our OS GetOutside Champions share with us their favourite walking and cycling routes to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Blue Space

Time spent near or in water is the secret to health and happiness. GetOutside Champion, Lisa Drewe author of Islandeering explores ‘blue space’ and the staggering scale and diversity of it in the UK’s wild and urban places, as well as our homes and gardens.

Lisa Drewe

Meet Lisa Drewe - Island explorer, marine conservationist, author of Islandeering, coffee lover, mountaineer, cyclist, kayaker.