Jessie Leong

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Staycations are the new vacations

Already booked your summer staycation? Make your time outdoors amazing whilst you're there with these ideas for what to see and do across GB, brought to you by our OS GetOutside Champions.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragons

How do you go about inspiring those above you? For OS GetOutside Champion Jessie Leong, her journey took her surprisingly close to home by encouraging her Dad – a typical ‘Asian Tiger’ father who had never set foot in the mountains – to try out an adventure in Snowdonia National Park.

Explore from your door

How well do you know your local area? You may be surprised by how many paths and greenspaces are waiting for you to find! We asked our OS Champions how they like to explore their local area.

Jessie Leong

Meet Jessie Leong - Creative Adventurer, mountain spirit, story-orientated filmmaker. Loves adventure through climbing and mountain exploration.

Limb Valley – a hidden woodland walk

Be sure you're winter-ready for your next chilly hike. GetOutside Champion Jessie Leong shares her top tips, plus a Limb Valley woodland route that's not to be missed this winter season.

Journey along Pinnacle Ridge

Jessie & Rory escape to the mountains on an exhilarating journey up to Pinnacle Ridge in the Lake District.

Ice climbing at Kinder Downfall

They say only in a blue moon does Kinder Downfall freeze enough to turn from what is normally a picturesque waterfall into the Peak District's premier ice climbing venue.