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Learn to cycle

Cycling is brilliant for all ages – it’s fun, great physical exercise and provides an opportunity for family adventures outside. This useful learn to cycle guide will help you teach someone to ride for the first time.

Winter cycling guide

Winter can be a challenge to get out on two wheels, especially if you have a new bike or are new to cycling. Helen Pollard gives us her top tips to keep your wheels turning in this guide to cycling in winter.

All you need to know about electric bikes (e-bikes)

OS Champion and owner of Stage 1 Cycles, Helen Pollard, tells you everything you need to know about e-bikes and how they can help you save money, become fitter, more sustainable and cover more ground.

Make time to find the path less trodden

Find your freedom and escape the crowds by finding a path less trodden. Our OS GetOutside Champions share with us their favourite walking and cycling routes to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Staycations are the new vacations

Already booked your summer staycation? Make your time outdoors amazing whilst you're there with these ideas for what to see and do across GB, brought to you by our OS GetOutside Champions.

Explore from your door

How well do you know your local area? You may be surprised by how many paths and greenspaces are waiting for you to find! We asked our OS Champions how they like to explore their local area.

Helen Pollard

Meet Helen Pollard - Mountain biker, dog runner, mum to daughter Daisy.

Family bike ride adventure

​With another school holiday rapidly approaching the universal question of parents everywhere is again heard... ​How do we keep the kids entertained this school holiday? ​​Why not consider turning a simple family bike ride into an adventure!

Wensleydale Bike Club trip to Swaledale

The Swale Trail is just one example of the many fabulous bridleways that span throughout Wensleydale, Swaledale and beyond making The Yorkshire Dales National Park a great place to visit for an active family holiday.

Wensleydale Bike Club invasion of Sutton Bank

Helen Pollard and the Wensleydale Bike Club took a bunch of children to explore Sutton Bank - and now you can follow the adventure too!