Mary-Ann Ochota

Mary-Ann Ochota

Mary-Ann is a TV presenter, historian and lover of the outdoors

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Why I've fallen in love with a running race that I'll never enter

Mary-Ann Ochota looks at the amazing Dragon’s Back Race, challenging runners to cover 315km of some of the countries toughest routes.

​How do I spot an Ancient Woodland?

Wandering through a wood can be magical and feel totally wild. But most woodlands in Britain are shaped by human hands – and there are clues that reveal their hidden histories.

The history of pub names

History-lover and GetOutside Champion Mary-Ann Ochota explores some of the history behind Britain's much loved pub names – and ways that you can tell what's occurred in the years before.

How to be a Landscape Detective: Six Things to Look For On Your Next Walk

Become a landscape detective and discover the hidden secrets of Britain's past with #GetOutside champion, and anthropology and archaeology specialist, Mary-Ann Ochota.

A run with a twist - hunting posts in Hampstead Heath

I really like going for muddy trail runs with the dog (much better than pounding the pavement), and like discovering new outdoor areas. Add a treasure-hunt style challenge and voilà, you’re orienteering. You don’t need any technical kit, it’s very affordable and there are events held most weekends in rural and urban areas, as well as dozens of fixed courses in forests and parks across Britain that are FREE. It’s one of the most fun ways to get outside for a few hours.

11 ways to spruce up your festive walks

Transform a boring winter walk into a fun-filled mini-adventure with these family-friendly activities to make every walk a lot of fun! Here are 11 ways to spruce up your New Years Day walk.