From crashing surf to secret tranquil pools, you don't have to stick to the local swimming pool

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Frog Graham Round

The Frog Graham is a swim-run challenge involving over 40 miles of running over Lake District fells and swimming two miles across Bassenthwaite Lake, Crummock Water, Buttermere and Derwentwater. OS Champion Alex Staniforth tells us about the route and his experience of the Frog Graham Round.

How to get into triathlon

OS Champion Sam Taylor-Frost is part of the GB Triathlon Team. She completed her first triathlon without being super fit or spending a lot of money on kit and you can do the same. Find out how to get into triathlon and give this multi-sport event a go.

Top secret waterfalls in Scotland for wild swimming

Kimberley Grant, author of Wild Guide Scotland, reveals her top 5 favourite hidden waterfalls in Scotland for wild swimming. From the deep pool at Feshiebridge to the river at Glen Etive, we have your next trip to the Scotland covered.

The benefits of cold water swimming

If you are new to, or already enjoy swimming outdoors and taking a dip in open water, this article offers an introduction to the many healthy benefits of cold water swimming. Experts tell us why this activity has hooked people across the nation and offer advice for those wanting to give it ago.

Top secret wild swimming spots near London

Daniel Start, author of the Wild Guide to London and the South East, reveals his top 6 favourite secret places to go wild swimming near the capital. From the jade pools of the Chelmer, to rope swings on the Great Ouse, remote riverside pubs on the Ouse to smuggler caves in Kent, we have your next London escape sorted.

5 of the best places to walk and swim

​What could be better than walking to your favourite wild swimming spot, taking a refreshing dip and drying off on your walk back. This new fitness craze will see you exploring new places while staying fit and healthy throughout the summer. Here are some of our favourite wild swim walks.

Staying safe on the beach: respect the RIP

Getting out on the water is great, especially in summer, but it’s important we do it safely. Water safety expert, Brendon Prince, shares his advice for staying safe in, on or around water and explains the importance of respecting the RIP.

A beginner's guide to wild swimming

We explore why open-water swimming, also known as wild swimming, is so good for us and get some top tips from Olympian and Sports Scientist Greg Whyte OBE to help you take your first dip.

Blue Space

Time spent near or in water is the secret to health and happiness. GetOutside Champion, Lisa Drewe author of Islandeering explores ‘blue space’ and the staggering scale and diversity of it in the UK’s wild and urban places, as well as our homes and gardens.


GetOutside Champion Laura made the film Hydrotherapy in the depths of last winter about why she swims all year round for her health. She explains why she is passionate about her latest project swimming 15 of the UK’s National Parks to test for microplastics and why she thinks we should all make the most of every day.