Outdoor skills

Outdoor skills

Emergency survival to traditional crafts, geocaching and orienteering, learn all about a range of outdoor skills

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Outdoor first aid: the basics

Whatever adventure you decide to take, a basic knowledge of outdoor first aid will help keep you safe. Alistair Morris, Medical Director at Mountain Rescue England and Wales, explains how to deal with the most common outdoor injuries.

Why do your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

Lucy Atkins of Two Blondes Walking is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Manager at Trinity School, Teignmouth and explains why doing your DofE is a great idea and what it involves.

Quick and easy tasty picnic treats

Lets face it, those cling-filmed sandwiches more often than not end up squashed and soggy in the bottom of our rucksacks. Fell Foodie and GetOutside Champion, Harrison Ward has got a solution…

Using Nature Craft to introduce Bushcraft Skills to Children

Kids woodlands survival skills

It can be hard work getting some children to appreciate the outdoors. The lures of television, tablets, games consoles and computers make many kids reluctant to get outside, while parents need to find safe locations and organise activities that encourage kids to try new things.

Cooking over a wood camp fire

With modern stoves, there's not often a reason that you have to cook over a wood fire - but it's great fun, even in your back garden. While gas or charcoal barbecues are the 'civilised' version, anyone can learn how to cook surprisingly complex dishes over an open fire.

How to build a winning raft

Spend some time on the water and create your own raft.

Stay safe camping with fire

Swapping stories (or drinks) over a camp fire can make a camping trip. Here's how to have one safely.

Beginner’s guide to lighting a fire

It's a skill humans have had for millennia - but do you know how to get a decent, safe fire going on your next camping trip?