Let's help protect our environment by being more sustainable

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A guide to ethical and responsible outdoor clothing

Montane share their expert knowledge on what to look out for when choosing outdoor clothing, so you can become a more responsible explorer.

The Big Paddle Cleanup

British Canoeing tell us all about their Big Paddle Cleanup, a week-long campaign where paddlers up and down the country took to the water to collect rubbish. What did they find? This article reveals all.

Leave the car at home

By walking or cycling instead, you'll see a positive impact on your health and happiness, the environment and your wallet. Find out how you can swap shorter car journeys for active travel and make a real difference.

Walk to School Week

For whatever reason, we have got into the habit of driving our kids to school, even if it is only half a mile away. OS Champion Glyn Dodwell gives us 10 great reasons why we should walk them to school instead. Celebrate Walk to School Week and challenge yourself to leave the car at home.

Be kind to the environment

No one likes walking amongst litter, seeing plastic bottles bobbing around our waterways or wildlife distressed. So, now it’s time for us to think about how we give back and take care of the environment, just as it’s taken care of us. Here are 6 ideas to help you get outside and be kind to the environment.

The Countryside Code

The Countryside Code is your guide to enjoying our parks and waterways, coast and countryside. With the help of Shaun the Sheep, find out more about how you can enjoy the outdoors responsibly and protect it for us all to enjoy for years to come.

GetOutside without leaving a trace

You can’t beat getting outside in the British countryside. But it's vital that we leave no trace when we're enjoying the great outdoors. Let's make sure that generations to come can enjoy the countryside just as we do.

Get outside and grow some veg

​If you're by an open window right now, you’ll probably notice signs of spring. Whether it’s the birds singing, the sun shining higher in the sky or buds appearing on the trees, the season for growing is here.

Treading lightly...

Tread gently, move quietly, respect peacefully... The idea of Leave No Trace was created in the USA during the 1960’s due to the increase of land use by the public. Since then its principles have spread across the world!

Could you go plastic-free for a month?

Anna Hughes went plastic-free for a month. Here, she shares her top tips for how to make it work so you can try it too.