Owning a dog is great motivation to get outside, and you don't have to always take the same old route

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Your guide to camping with dogs

With an eager attitude, a bit of preparation and the right gear, you’ll be ready to explore the outdoors with your four-legged friend. Here’s our expert guide to camping with dogs to make sure your overnight adventures get off to a good start.

Gear guide: dog harnesses

Our friends at Ruffwear share their expertise on choosing the right harness for your dog in this comprehensive gear guide. Find out why having the right harness makes all the difference and how to correctly fit one, so you can enjoy many adventures with your four-legged friend.

10 best dog walks

Walking your dog on the same path each day can get boring, so why not mix things up and plot new routes to enjoy with your four-legged friend. We’ve found some of the best places to walk your dog and picked 10 best dog-friendly routes, tried and tested by our OS Champions and their canine companions.

London's best parks for dog walking

If you want to walk your dog in London and feel like your options are limited due to it being a huge city, you couldn’t be more wrong! We take a look at some of the best parks for dog walking in London and where they are on the map.

Meet our adventure pets

Most animals love the outdoors but some insist they join us on every adventure. We say hello our OS GetOutside Champion's most adventurous pets and discover how they love to get outside. Plus, find top tips for taking your pet with you on your next day out.

Dog-friendly adventures

Spending time outside with your four-legged friend can involve so much more than a walk in the park. Our friends at Ruffwear talk us through different types of dog-friendly adventures and offer their expertise to help you have a great day out with your dog.

Responsible dog walking

OS Champion, Tracy Purnell, is a lover of our canine friends and her gorgeous dogs go everywhere exploring with her. Here she takes us through a few things to consider when taking your dogs to the countryside.

Pooch perfect pubs & promenades

Discover some of the Britain's best dog-friendly pub walks - complete with routes!