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Coast Jordan McQueen

Helping Britain make more of the amazing outdoors

When it’s time to #GetOutside, there’s nowhere quite like Great Britain.

Whoever you are, whatever you enjoy, it’s all there ready and waiting – just for you.

#GetOutside inspires everyone to do more outdoors. From a walk with the children around your local park to expeditions or adventures with family and friends, you’ll find guides to get you startedroutes to try and inspiration from outdoors enthusiasts.

Did you know that getting outside can lower your stress levels1? Walking and exercise boosts your fitness, helps to reduce weight and may even help you live longer2. Get together with friends or head out on your own – travel to the remotest parts of Britain or just step outside your front door.

Go on, plan your next adventure. And #GetOutside today!

What are you still here for? You should be off searching for adventures!