Aerial 3D mapping

OS Maps Aerial 3D layer

Rediscover your favourite walking routes with the new Aerial 3D layer in OS Maps web.

View hills and mountains in stunning 3D, check a planned route or search for the best viewpoints without leaving your computer.

Available now, exclusively to OS Maps Premium users*.

*Aerial 3D is available to Premium subscribers using their web browser on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Its not available in the OS Maps app.

Route shown in Aerial 3D layer in OS Maps

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"The most extraordinary digital rendering of a mountain landscape we’ve seen… never before has it been possible to view the character of a mountain, a ridge or a route so dramatically and convincingly before leaving home. With this new tool in OS Maps route planning – and the associated excitement levels – have just taken a huge leap forwards! "

Simon Ingram - Editor, Trail Magazine

Best of Great Britain's landscapes

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