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Gear guide: sleeping bags

10/03/2022 15 mins read

This guide to sleeping bag takes a look at the different types of sleeping bags, their materials, features, ratings and what they’re best for, to help you choose the right one for you.

Gear guide: camp stoves

07/03/2022 10 mins read

This gear guide to camp stoves will introduce you to the different type of camp stoves available and highlight the key features you need to consider when buying one. Whether you’re brewing a cuppa or cooking a hearty meal, camp stoves can make a big difference to your outdoor adventures.

Gear guides
Gear guide: coffee makers

21/02/2022 5 mins read

This guide to coffee makers will introduce you to a range of products that help you enjoy a delicious brew with a view. Whether you're hiking up a mountain, chilling by the beach or camping with your family, we explain how you can make the perfect cup of coffee outside.

Gear guides
Beginners guide to choosing a GPS device

09/02/2022 15 mins read

Would you like to use a walking, running or cycling GPS device to make your outdoor activities easier, safer or more fun but don't know where to start? This GPS guide looks at different features and functions to help you choose a GPS device most suited to you.

Gear guides
Garmin Fenix 7 Series

04/02/2022 10 mins read

We take a look at the new Garmin Fenix 7 series and the unique features which make these high-performance, multi-sport GPS watches a cut above the rest. Built around a 7-day week, these watches will help you meet any outdoor challenge.

Gear guides
How to look after your outdoor kit

14/01/2022 15 minutes read

As you spend time outdoors, the technical features on clothing can start to wear off. Kit care experts, Grangers, explain how to look care of your outdoor kit so you can restore its performance and enjoy it for years to come.

Gear guides
What to wear walking

15/12/2021 10 mins read

You can wear almost anything out walking but having the correct clothes and shoes will keep you comfortable, warm and dry. Here's a checklist of essential hiking clothes to answer that all important question "what to wear out walking?"

Gear guides
What to take walking

03/12/2021 10 mins read

There's a fine line between having the right equipment to keep you safe and comfortable on a walk and being so weighed down with unnecessary kit you'll struggle. Our hiking checklist will help you get kitted out with essential gear for a long day on the trail and tell you what to take on a walk.

Gear guides
The ultimate guide to layering

02/12/2021 10 mins read

Whether you’re a seasoned hill walker, a speedy trail runner or you’re new to the outdoors, this ultimate guide to layering will help you get kitted out so you can enjoy your favourite routes whatever the weather.

Gear guides
Gear Guide: Walking socks

12/11/2021 10 mins read

Having the right walking socks will prevent blisters, regulate foot temperature and wick away moisture, helping you extend your favourite walks. This guide from Bridgedale will help you choose the perfect pair to keep your tootsies comfortable all day long.

Gear guides
Gear Guide: Walking footwear

08/11/2021 10 mins read

Regardless of whether you’re a local dog walker or a seasoned trail blazer, you’re going to want to have the right footwear to make your walk more comfortable. We take a detailed look at the best footwear for walking and how they fair across different terrains.

Gear guides
Gear Guide: Head torches

05/11/2021 10 mins read

During winter and autumn and on overnight trips you’ll need a light to see where you’re going and what you’re doing. This gear guide tells you all you need to know about head torches to help you choose the perfect one for you.

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