My #GetOutside pledge is to 1. Walk the entire south downs way in march. 2. trek to Everest base camp within two years.

By Samuel

Firstly, I'd like the walk the south-downs way over a few days by March camping or staying where i end up at night.This is my first pledge.

The second is Everest base camp. I'm new to walking/hiking having just discovering it as something to try to help with me the depression that i suffer with, so far it seems something that could really help me. specially after shutting myself inside for months on end at times. This pledge is longer winded in but I've told myself that I'm going to do it within the next two years, Regardless of anything else going on. I Obviously have a long way to go yet but I'm determined to do it to try and help myself both mentally and physically. So far I've only taken baby steps, two 6 odd mile walks that where fairly comfortable (but very satisfying) and i know i have a huge way to go but for once in my life I'm thinking I should just go for it. I feel an achievement is something i need in my life right now. Lets see what happens!

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