OS Wallpaper: December 2018

Misty Pond by Shell Grayston of Get Out With The Kids

This photo by Shell Grayston of Get Out With The Kids shows an incredible tranquil pond. Autumn is a great time of the year to get these kinds of shots, as late sunrise and cold mornings combine.

Shell Grayston is one part of Get Out With The Kids, OS GetOutside Champions (see more from them here). They encourage families of all ages to get outdoors more often, with simple activities, crafts, walks and much more.

Autumn and early winter is a great time to capture atmospheric landscape shots. The late sunrise means you can catch low light angles without having to get up far too early. Mist like this tends to appear after a relatively warm day followed by a cool night. As the air chills, the moisture in the air condenses into mist. As long as there is little wind, it will tend to collect in low-lying hollows, such as around ponds. You will need to catch it before the sun warms the air too much - which also tends to create beautiful warm light tones.


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If you like the Get Out With The Kids blog and social media, they are currently in the shortlist for 'Best Outdoors Blog' for the Go Outdoors Awards 2018. Get your vote in by December 10!