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Nigel Vardy

Meet Nigel Vardy - Mountaineer, Photographer, Peace Seeker, VW Camper Driver, loves Pies.

What drives you to spend time outside?

Escaping from the ever-increasing fever pitch of society, continuing on my long term search for peace and challenging myself to climb higher and harder.

Where are your favourite places to go?

The remote Highlands of Scotland, empty hills in the Lake District and quiet corners of my native Peak District

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors?

Mountaineering, photography, swimming, cycling, foul weather and fresh air.
Nigel Vardy

Who inspires you and how?

My parents have been huge inspirations in my life as were Alison Hargreaves and George Lowe.

What are your focuses this year to help people get outside more often?

Leading by example, leading by example and leading by example.

What are your 3 biggest life achievements?

Recovering from Severe Frostbite, learning to Telemark without toes and returning to the Mountains.

3 words you live by…

Peace, snow, ice (or Pie, chips and peas).

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I collect 1st edition Mountaineering Books, Polish my 1977 VW Camper far too much and drink fine whisky

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