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Meet Lee Stephens - Always by, or in, the sea :)

What drives you to spend time outside?

My love of the great outdoors, especially the Cornish coastline – whether walking, surfing or taking photos.

Where are your favourite places to go?

Anywhere by the sea. I love exploring the stunning Southwest Coast Path. I also have a big soft spot for the Scottish highlands.

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors?

I grew up surfing so I feel at home whenever I'm in the water. When there aren’t any waves, my paddleboard is a great way to explore the creeks and coves.

Lee Stephens

Who inspires you and how?

As I child I spent many a happy time with my grandfather enjoying the countryside. Sadly no longer with us, but in his amazing 100yrs he taught me so much about the great outdoors and nature.

What are your focuses this year to help people get outside more often?

I have recently gone completely out of my comfort zone and began vlogging my walks. I found engaging directly with my followers and posting videos, helped connect me more with viewers and really give them a feeling of being with me on my journey. I hope this will inspire others to go out and explore for themselves.

What are your 3 biggest life achievements?

I’m not good on selling myself and probably couldn’t list 3 things but my children are my world and I love sharing my passion with them...even if they don’t always appreciate being dragged on a 10mile hike. ;)

3 words you live by…

Make every day an adventure (I know that’s more than 3 but it’s so true)

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Pasty’s and pints (often together)

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