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Wallace and Gromit's new outdoor game

OS Games team • Family activities • Sep 29, 2021 • 5 mins

‘Fix up the City’ is a new free gaming app that features Wallace and Gromit and to play it you’ll need to visit Bristol’s Millennium Square or Cardiff Bay. The OS Games team went to check it out.

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Looking for something to keep the family entertained and on their feet? Then look no further!

What makes this game unique?

The free app is a unique and free augmented reality game that populates the real world with characters old and new from Aardman Animation's ever popular Wallace and Gromit stories.

By LiDAR scanning (Light Detection and Ranging) two popular tourist areas, the developers of this game have successfully merged their story with real-life locations. This allows huge robots to pop up from behind buildings, jump about on roofs and various vehicles to seemingly appear from around real-world corners. It has to be seen to be believed!

‘Fix up the City’  app

OS Games team give it a go

The OS Games team visited Bristol with a selection of brave adventurers to try it out! It is safe to say the children loved their experience and became completely immersed in their mission to save the day. The controls were family friendly and each of them completed the game with huge smiles on their faces. Their parents also had a great time.

wallace & gromit game 

We travelled from Bournemouth and Guildford to play the game. All of the children enthusiastically reported that they were delighted we visited. Sophie (8) said “It was so fun! I loved freeing Gromit from his cage and defeating Big LAD at the end!“. It’s worth checking out other attractions in the area to make the most of your day trip out. Perhaps visit the SS Great Britain if you go to Bristol which is just around the corner from where you play the game! You can of course take you pick from a selection of walks using OS Maps.

How to play

To play it you’ll need to visit Bristol’s Millennium Square or Cardiff Bay.

The app takes around one hour to play and covers a small area of ground that any family will easily be able to navigate. We recommend downloading the game from your App Store of choice before visiting.

gaming app

Listen to our Q&A session with the game's developers

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More information on the game can be found here!

Published: Sep 29, 2021 Edited: Mar 02, 2023

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