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Walk 1000 miles in 2018

The new year is like a fresh page in a new notebook- it’s time to set your goals, realise your ambitions and start new adventures. There’s something quite revitalizing about a new start, and whether you’re setting resolutions or not, January presents the perfect opportunity to plan the next 12 months that lie ahead and take on new challenges.

How about taking on the challenge of walking 1000 miles this year?

Created by Country Walking, #walk1000miles sets you the challenge of doing exactly that - walking 1000 miles across 2018. This may seem like an impossible challenge – but is achievable by walking just 2.74 miles per day, across the year. You don’t need to change your life to do it, just set aside 1 hour per day to get in your miles.

In 2017, 27,000 participants took part in the challenge – with many of these individuals saying that doing so significantly improved their life over the year. Not surprisingly, as walking an hour per day has been proven to cut the risk of many physical illnesses, whilst significantly improving mental health.

How do I count my 1000 miles?

There are several ways to count your miles, but one way is through OS Maps, which now includes a new 'mileage counter' - the perfect companion for helping you walk 1000 miles in 2018.

This feature is designed to make it as easy as possible to keep track of how far you’ve walked – even if you forget to record a particular route.

There are four different ways to add miles to the clock:

  • Record a route - then add the distance to your activity record.
  • Follow a route - then add the distance to your activity record.
  • Use an existing route - useful if you do the same walk regularly but don't always have your phone to hand or want to record it each time.
  • Plot a route - if you've just walked a route but didn't record it, then simply plot the route to get the mileage added to the counter.

You can find the 'My Activities' section under the main menu on OS Maps mobile, and the user menu on the top right of OS Maps web.

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How best to hit those 1000 miles?

Whether you’re a keen walker, or new to walking, you’re probably always looking for inspiration for new walks. So we’ve put together some ideas to make sure you’re able to GetOutside and embrace what each season brings you – helping you walk 1000 miles this year.

Exercise made easy

January is the perfect time to take up exercise as part of your quest to get fit in 2018- and where best to do a workout than the great outdoors? Preparation is key when it comes to sticking to a resolution, so make sure you have planned your walking route to ensure you keep at it. If you haven’t had time to plan a route, then have a look at our 'Greenspace' layer – showing you nearby accessible parks and recreational grounds that would be the perfect place for a wander. Perfect for on-the-go, OS Maps will work on all recent smartphones, so you can have your maps at your fingertips wherever you choose to walk. If you prefer to exercise in a group, the ability to share routes with others means you can share your route with your running or walking group before you set off.

Pub walks with friends

As the warmer months roll in, lazy Sunday afternoons inside are replaced with pub walks as the evenings get lighter and the days a little longer. Plot a route to your favourite pub and enjoy a leisurely stroll to get in your miles before enjoying a tradtional Sunday roast. Or, if you want to cover a longer distance, use the pub as a pitstop between two slightly longer walks.

Family Summer Holiday

Nothing says summer like a holiday in the great British countryside. Use your OS Map to plan routes, explore National Parks, and make use of the 40,000 places to visit to make the most of your holiday destination, whether that be a historic site or family attraction. The 5-day weather feature means you can plan your holiday activities in advance- and although we can help you plan your holiday around the weather, we can’t promise you sunshine- this is the UK, after all!

Don't give up when it gets cold!

It may mean wrapping up warmer, but colder weather certainly shouldn’t stop you getting outside- In fact, we think that there’s something quite magical about a winter walk! Use one of the many OS routes contributed by Country Walking or Trail Magazine to discover new places across the country. You can even use your OS Maps offline to make sure you have access to your route if you lose your connection whilst out and about - or, take a printed copy with you!

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