Try underground sightseeing in the Brecon Beacons

​There are beautiful natural playgrounds to be found in the Beacons, hidden from view. The caves and mines underneath the hills are waiting to be explored by you this summer.

Discover an underground world of beautiful natural playgrounds waiting to be explored under the beautiful scenery of the Breacon Beacons National Park.

Underground sightseeing is the perfect family adventure. These tours are suitable for all members of the family and provide a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating cave system underneath the Brecon hills. The tours come with the option to do a bit of scrambling and crawling for kids (and the young at heart) or, if that isn't your style, you can just soak up the atmosphere.

Underground sightseeing at Porth yr Ogof – Image: BBNPA

Underground sightseeing at Porth yr Ogof – Image: BBNPA

As it's underground, this makes an ideal rainy day activity and there are tours available at a selection of locations across the Brecon Beacons. We'd recommend that you take warm clothes that you don’t mind getting splashed in, but the national park will provide you with overalls and wellies when you're there.

Knowledgeable guides from the national park will take you on a half day tour underground to walk through some of the cave systems lying under the rolling hills. You may even get to see some of the underground wildlife specially adapted to living in the dark!

The underground sightseeing trips are suitable for children 8 years old and over. The trips will cost £40 for adults and £35 for children, and are available throughout August. Book your ticket or find out more here.