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The perfect personalised gift for a Mappy Christmas!

The festive season is fast approaching, and so is the increasing pressure to start ticking people off your Christmas shopping list. If you’re on the lookout for a gift for someone close to your heart, a pair of socks just won’t cut it. Opting for a personalised gift is a great way of showing someone that you’ve put some thought into their present- and the outcome is a unique gift that will be treasured a long time after the Christmas decorations have been packed away.

Here at Ordnance Survey, we offer custom made maps, which are a great way to create a one-off, bespoke gift, and a truly thoughtful Christmas present. The idea is simple- choose your centre point, add your own titles and cover image, and create a unique map which can be folded, flat or framed for a gift that has been completely tailored for your recipient. Can’t wait to get started? Here’s some inspiration to give those close to you a ‘Mappy Christmas’!

A loved one

There are so many places you could focus on when putting together a custom-made map for your other half, whether that be the place you first set eyes on each other, where you got engaged, or your favourite Sunday country walk. Add your favourite photo to the map cover and personalise the title (how about an ‘in’ joke, or a song lyric that’s special to you?) to create a keepsake your partner will cherish, and use, forever. Want to make the gift extra special? Make a canvas version which can be framed, mounted, and appreciated all year round!

A friend

They say that life was meant for good friends and great adventures, and we couldn’t agree more. Whatever the friendship, there are sure to be a few locations that are close to your hearts and filled with happy memories. Commemorate a fun holiday or weekend trip away with a map of the location, or make a map of your favourite pub walk. If you met your friend at university, pinpoint the location of your wildest memories and add an old (and embarrassing) photo to the cover to raise a smile on Christmas day.

A family member

Your family is a one-off, so why not create a gift that is as individual as they are? Each family has their own unique memories, stories and traditions which make them who they are. Capture memories of your favourite family spot within a custom map, add a family photo to the cover and title your map with the location and date of your trip. Is your dog the star of your family? Focus on his or her favourite walking route, and don’t forget to add their photo to the cover! Make your family home the centre of your map, and make it a New Year’s resolution to explore your local area every week- seeing your home on a map never gets old!

Feeling inspired? Have a go at creating your own personalised OS map for a truly unique gift - last orders are 21st December.